Monday, November 13, 2006

Running and Racing

2 weeks ago we had the Banff winterstart. Maddie took part and had a great run. This year she decided not to load up with Halloween candy first. Her decision was a good one as she won her age group. Nice job Maddie!!

Corey decided to run in the Bankers Hall fun run (10km). He was feeling a bit under the weather and pushed hard to finish strong. He was glad the end was near as 2nd place was fast approaching. Great finish on a tough day Corey!

Lyndsey, Shane, Tim, Alistair, Janice and Isabelle all choose to tackle the Jingle Bell 10km. This is a favorite of mine. I love to hear all the bells during the run. The weather was perfect! Shane had a great run and was very happy with his performance considering the time of year. Alistair and Janice both ran side by side and enjoyed the day with a solid start to 10km running. Isabelle toed the lined but had to withdraw at the 5km mark due to her cold. She was determined to try the event but her illness made her stop. Look out for the next one!
Lyndsey had her sister to run with today for the 1st 5km and then she was solo. She ran solo all the way to capture 1st for the ladies.

Great runs from everyone!!!! Keep up the training and be glad that we live in Calgary (most of us) and not Edmonton. BRrrrrrrr! I just got back, and happy to be home.....:) Sorry Greg!