Thursday, July 13, 2006

Osoyoos Half

Tim was racing the Desert half on the weekend. He had a very good swim. During the bike he noticed that his seat kept lowering and lowering. Not good. Luckily he had some duct tape and was able to somewhat keep the seat from getting too low. This prooved to be very challenging and his run was a true test of his mental ability. Tim's strong determination helped him cross the finish line. Well done Tim on a very frustrating day!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Edmonton Tri

Edmonton was host to another big weekend of racing. ITU / Jr's and age group. This is always a very exciting weekend. Corey challenged the course for the 1st time. He had a good swim in 27:24 and a strong bike at 1:11. He needed to push through the heat during the run and was a bit disappointed with his 46 10km. This result placed in 6th in his Age group. Great effort Corey on a very tough course.

Stampede 10km

Sunday was a another great day to race. Maddie was racing her 1st 10km run since her european vacation. She was very excited to run and her time showed. 50:11. Official results show her as 2nd for women 19 and under. Very impressive as she is well under 19. Great race Maddie! Watch for her this weeekend at Stanley Park super sprint.

Okotoks swim

Todd in Okotoks


This weekend was another busy weekend for triathletes and runners. On Saturday we had a small sprint Tri at Okotoks. The weather was perfect. Sandy was 1st up as the women started before the men. She looked strong from start to finish and ended coming in 2nd out of the lake. Great Swim Sandy! The rest of the race went well for Sandy as well and she was thrilled to have completed her 2nd ever triathlon.

The men started 15 or so minutes after the ladies and Alistair and myself were in the mix. I thought the 500m distance was perfect. Short and sweet and ended coming out in 3rd. Alistair was 6th. Great swim for his 1st ever tri and open water event. I pushed strong on the bike and shortly became the race leader. Near the end of the ride I could see guys very close to me but I stilled pushed. Once the run started I could really feel my fitness and I did not have anything left in my legs. I held the lead for 2 km and then got passed by 2 strong men. I could not even come close to them today. I ended placing 3rd overall and was very happy. Alistair had a very strong bike as he never seemed that far from me. He then had a steady run and was able to complete his 1st Triathlon. Great job Sandy and Alistair.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Great White North

The great white north was on sunday and the weather was fantastic. Warm and not much wind. This provided great opportunities for fast racing.

Elaine lead the charge and finished in a very strong 5:07. Gord looked very good and finished in 5:12. Greg had a PR with a time of 5:40 and also grabbed an Ironman Canada Spot. Now the fun begins, eh Greg!

Great job to all the racers on Sunday. It was very hot watching! :)

Nationals Results

Nationals have come and gone and I am waiting for race reports.

Lyndsey had a great time of 2:15 and placing 1st for her age group. Nice job Lyndsey!

Shane also had a good result and broke 2:30. He placed 12th which ensured him a spot to Switzerland! He will be travelling to Europe to race at the end of the summer. Very exciting

Congrats to both!