Monday, March 14, 2011

Chris is done St Pats


St Pats 5 and 10 Km

Well St Pats is now over. We had a great day to race.

The brick class used this race as the run component of the brick. We earlier rode for 2 hours at Tri-It. This was a great way to warmup before the race.

Calgary was not in the deep freeze this weekend and everyone was happy. The course was quite good with a few icy sections but as long as you slowed down everything was fine. This was a new course for St Pats and it was a pleasant change. We started at Central Memorial High and then ran to the resevoir then alongside Glenmore and then back to the school. There were a few small hills in the course which made the race interesting to say the least. I think almost everyone enjoyed themselves and the biggest lesson the brick class learned was that nutrition plays a huge role in exercise and racing. We need calories to fuel our bodies.

Here is how everyone did:
Coach Todd 39:18
Ian 39:36
Kevin 42:06
Rob 42:38
Raf 43:42
Louise 45:08
Chris 46:00
Paul 48:42
Mary 49:28
Julie 57:28
Keith 1:14:00

In the 5 Km
Bill 22:54
Karen 29:57

Great job everyone and looking forward to the next race. Icebreaker April 3.

St Pats Starting Line

Just before the start
Ian, Todd and Chris

Bill is done St Pats 5 Km 22:54


Todd is done St Pats 39:18

Coach Todd

Ian is done St Pats 39:36


Rob is done St Pats 42:38


Raf is all done St Pats 43:42


Karen met her goal at St Pats 5 Km sub 30


Mary is in the sub 50 club

Mary at St Pats

Sam and Paul are done St Pats (sub 50)

Sam and Paul at St Pats

Louise at St Pats 2nd in Age group

1st race post Surgery 45:08

St Pats finish area photos - Raf, Rob, Mariano, Rose

St Pats finish area

Keith is done


Raf and Rose crawling to the finish at St Pats

Raf and Rose

Bill 1st in Age group for 5 Km

Bill at St Pats awards