Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Xterra Alberta

Lynn and Louise took on a new challenge last weekend. Xterra!

The ladies had a great time and reccomend this race to anyone.

Louise finished in 2:24 (3rd in Age group) and Lynn finished in 2:55 (14th)

Great job Lynn and Louise!!

Xterra Race Report by Lynn

Xterra report (Sunday, August 23 - Canmore Nordic Centre)
This race was more fun than you can imagine and I totally loved it. I rode very slowly and conservative, but with more mountain bike experience I think I can go a bit faster downhill. The swim was warm and not congested at all as the females went out first followed by two other heats of males. The bike was two loops of nine kilometres each. The course was not technical, but a lot of climbing. The run was hilly made up of two loops, 3.5 k each loop. If anyone is looking to take a "step out of the box" this race may be of interest! It was sold out at 350 athletes and I imagine it will sell out next year as well.

Lynn at Xterra Alberta

Monday, August 17, 2009

Rob's new play

Rob is directing a play next weekend, and thought you might like to see it. The play is called "Dad's Piano" and Rob's brother Dave wrote it. It is being performed by an accomplished local actor, Christopher Hunt, and an accomplished local pianist, Jeffrey Neufeld. The play is running Thursday, Aug 20 through Saturday, Aug 22 and will be performed at the Motel Theatre, which is a small theatre in the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts. It's a shorter play, lasting about 45 minutes, so there are several runs of the show each day. Tickets are $15 and are available at the door or via the play website. If you'd like more information, I'm attaching the play web address here.


Strathmore Triathlon

Strathmore results:

Tanya 4th overall
Peggy 80th and 13th in AG. (a 6 min PR)

Both Ladies were very happy with their race. Nice work!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Memories from October IMH

Bob passed these videos along to me that he took at Hawaii Ironman last year.

I remember passing him near the finish and all I could say was Whoop (or something like that). I was very very tired, but what a day!

The 2nd video is after I am done and I am waiting for Lyndsey to get her bike (I really can't remember). All I know is that I was super tired and the ground felt very nice. I did not have to run anymore which was awesome.

Hope you enjoy.


Strathmore - Good Luck ladies

Good Luck to all the ladies competing in the Strathmore Triathlon this weekend!

Chaparral Triathlon

Last week was Lake Chaparral triathlons. Myron and Mario were challenging the olympic distance. This would be Myron's last race before heading off to Australia for the World champs. On the flip side, this was Mario's 1st ever triathlon.

Myron was close to the leaders during the swim and this helped set him up for a strong bike and run. He was 6th overall male and 1st in his Age group.

Mario enjoyed the whole experience and felt the swim was his strength today. One of the highlights of the day was crossing the line with his son. Welcome to the triathlon club Mario!

Good Luck to Myron in Australia! No worries Mate :)

Getting ready to start the swim at lake Chaparral

Myron on the bike

Mario on the bike

Myron has his sights on the finish line at Chaparral

Mario running well at Chaparral

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Calgary 70.3

Last weekend was the 1st Calgary 70.3 Ironman event. You could not have asked for a nicer day. Beautiful!!! The winds were nonexistent for the bike and I even heard that some athletes even had a tail wind giving them great speeds. How good is that? The sun continued to shine on the run and the temperatures soared to ~30. Very hot to be a racer and spectator. No Limits athletes were out to test the course and had great experiences. Here are the results:


Jenny finished in a time of 4:58 and 2nd in AgeGroup
Kevin D finished in a time of 4:58 and 12th in AgeGroup
Kevin W finished in a time of 5:07 and 21st in AgeGroup
Elaine finished in a time of 5:21 and 2nd in AgeGroup
Suzanne finished in a time of 5:31 and 9th in AgeGroup
Sue finished in a time of 6:15 and 1st in AgeGroup
Phoenix was using this race as a IMC training day and pulled out early in the run with a slightly sore knee.

Overall we had an excellent day and I am very proud of your efforts. Next races Chaparral, Strathmore and a little race known as IMC. :)

Jenny very happy at Calgary 70.3

Phoenix pushing strong on the bike

Suzanne enjoying the amazing day at 70.3

Sue very happy to be racing again

Elaine focused on the bike at 70.3

Kevin hammering on his Kevelo P4

Kevin on the bike at Calgary 70.3

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kevin having a great run at 70.3

Kevin feeling the heat at 70.3

Elaine high 5ing Lisa near the 17 Km mark

Sue looking very strong at 70.3

Saturday morning ride

Here we are on an amazing ride. Today we had no broken chains or flats. Only a small cut by barb wire. :)

Anyone have a bandaid? Jerry?

Oh and lots of hills.