Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lake Havasu Results

This Easter weekend Lyndsey was competing in Arizona at the Lake Havasu Olympic distance triathlon. Race day was very challenging: Huge waves, Hilly course, and then running for 2 Km on soft sand. With all of this Lyndsey pushed through and finsihed 3rd womanoverall.

Congrats Lyndsey and we are looking forward to your next race!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St Pats 10 Km

Well St Pats 10 km has come and gone for another year. When I arrived at the start I was ready for -5 or so weather. I should have checked the TV. With the windchill it felt about -15 or colder. I was getting very cold during my shortened warmup. I decided to head back to my car and see what clothes I could find to put on. I found an extra toque and the long sleeve shirt from the race package. After putting these on I headed into the red and white building to warm up. Much better!!!

Ok, so I wanted to run with Maddie for her 5 Km run but the 5 Km race started 5 min behind the 10 Km so that was not going to happen today. I decided to have a strong 10 Km instead. It has been quite a few years since I have done this. The winds were strong at times and the streets were mostly covered in snow which made the footing a bit tricky. I was being careful with my footing and I did not want to fall today. The pace at the front was very quick. Too quick for me but I decided to push as hard as I could. I briefly checked my HR and the number was in the 180's. I thought this is going to be a long race at that number. I soldiered on and pushed when I could and hung on when I needed to. I did the best I could and I was very happy to see that I would break 40 min. Official time 39:47. Very happy to cross the line.

There were many other No Limits athletes running today:

Rob ran very well at 42:55
Shane was Happy with 43:11
Kevin was also happy with 44:46
Louise is feeling her fitness improving at 44:55
Elaine looked very strong at 45:29
Sue running in her 1st winter race at 46:12
Rose felt ill with the help of Darryl :) at 51:53
Peter was very happy at 52:16
Mary keeps getting PRs. new 10 km at 52:32
Phoenix finished well at 52:56
Jackie happy at 53:39
Lisa was very happy to cross the finish safely at 53:55

We also saw 2 athletes run in the 5 Km
Maddie came in 7th overall and 3rd in under 20 at 22:46
Tim finished right behind her at 22:54 for a 1st in his Age group.

There was another St Pats 10 Km running at the same time but different course. Janice took part in this one and ran 53:33. Well done.

It sure was fun to be out racing again. This was just a tune up race to see where everyone is. So far all signs look good! Next race is Lyndsey in AZ again and then the Icebreaker!

Happy Easter everyone!

If anyone has any pics from the race, please email.
results are http://calgaryroadrunners.com/result.php?item=137