Thursday, October 25, 2007

Art a la Carte

Art a la Carte

This past weekend we had a 10 mile and 10 km race, Art a la Carte. Elaine showed she is getting ready for Vegas with a very strong 1:12. This put her 8th overall and 2nd in Age Group.

Kevin and Lisa were also racing. They took part in the 10 Km. Kevin showed how much he loves to run with a 47:09 (3rd overall). Lisa, not too far behind ran a 55:04 (15 overall). Both were pleased with their day.

Great job to all the racers. Next race is Jingle Bell 10 KM and Banff Winterstart.

EMS running race

EMS 5 and 10 Km

The EMS race took place on Oct 12. I do not have the results from that race. If anyone would like to email them that would be awesome.

Shane and Maddie both took part in the 5km event. Both had good runs. Maddie was coming off a 2nd place finish at the cities x-country event the following day. Here she was able to stay in front of Shane and finish very high. 2nd???? Shane had a great race and he was focused on keeping a close eye on Maddie and not let her get too far ahead.

Isabelle, Janette and John were all running in the 10 km event. Isabelle and Janette both enjoyed the run and were pleased with the race. John pushed through feeling not so great from the flu and had fun and the race. All 3 are setting their sights on the Jingle Bell run 10km coming up very quickly.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tri-It Ironman Celebratory Night

Tri It is proud to announce their inaugural
Ironman Celebratory Night.Friday, October 19 from 6-9pm at Tri It. All 2007, 2008 and other Ironman Hopefuls invited! Bring your cheering squad and anyone else who loves the sport.
Meet the coaches who take us there
See clips from various 2007 Ironman events (including the 2007 World Championships in Kona)
Sample some of Tri It's favourite Fuel
Listen to inspiring guest speakers
Enjoy munchies while you mingle
Take advantage of great deals
Enter for or chance to win a pair of Rudy Project Sunglasses
Don't Miss this event! Call 270-7776 to RSVP today,
or email for more information.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Finer Details of Front Crawl Swim Clinic

I am once again offering my Swim Clinic The Finer Details of Front Crawl on Oct 21 at Tri-It. This is a 2 part class. Part 1 is a 2.5 hour lecture on proper technique of front crawl. Part 2 is your chance to take what you learned in the class to the pool and be video taped below and above water by Ken Olson of Race-Tec Systems Inc.

This is a very good refresher for everyone to brush up on their stroke. Each time I review the class I get a better handle of what I should be doing and my stroke always feels better.

I know that some of you have already taken the course and some will be video taped at other classes so I am offering a chance to take just part 1 or part 2 if desired.

The cost for the whole day is $150 (includes DVD) or
$180 (includes DVD + feedback from Ken)

The cost for part 1 or part 2 will be $75.
If the additional feedback option is chosen cost is $90.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall colors and the start of their Base building for 2008!

Fall running

Get out and enjoy the beautiful pathways that Alberta has to offer. The colors are great this time of year.