Monday, July 23, 2007

Sylvan Lake (Maureen)

Sylvan lake half ironman was on the weekend. Warm weather brought many happy faces I'm sure. Maureen was just returning from a IMC Training Camp in Penticton. So she was a bit tired but no worries as this was a training race for IMC in August.

Maureen took the swim quite conservatively. Minimal kicking and effort and was pleased with a 32 min swim. The bike started off tough but after a while her power came back and she was feeling very strong. With 10 km to go Maureen was a bit sad that the bike was coming to an end. This is a great feeling to have near the end of a half. I myself have never felt this. :)

Maureen was able to negative split the run. This is a very challenging course, and she was happy with her result. She came in 1st in her Age group.

Congrats Maureen. Next race is IronMan Canada!!!!!

Ready to Swim (Isabelle at the Peach)

Peach Classic Triathlon

Isabelle was the lone athlete representing No Limits at the Peach Classic Triathlon.

The day before the race, she drove the course and was not happy. It looked so difficult. To turn things around, Isabelle took pictures of the course and visualized at night confidently completing the race. Race day she was ready. Perfect weather conditions. Isabelle took the swim easy and minimally kicked. This felt fine and she was happy with the result. The bike went fabulous. No walking. Very happy!! The run is very challenging. Isabelle walked up and ran down the huge hill. Ran to the finish and very happy. This was the hardest race to date and Isabelle wants to come back to do it again next year as it was so much fun. Congrats Isabelle on conquering such a tough course.

One more race to go for Isabelle. Strathmore sprint. Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Start of Coral Springs Sprint

Swimmers getting ready to start!!!

Coral Springs (Tri-It sprint)

Shane (Volunteering)

Lyndsey (Volunteering)

Tim and Alistair (ready to race!)

Tri It sprint (Coral Springs)

Volunteers in Kayak watching the swimmers

Paul (volunteering) and Lisa (Racing)

Trevor doing his thing!


Okotoks is a short and fast paced sprint. I raced last year and came in 3rd. This year Darryl, Lyndsey, Alistair, and Sandy were giving it a try.

Darryl had a good swim and was just behind race leader Alex. Once on the bike Darryl took the lead and never looked back. He led the rest of the bike and run to finish in 1st and the only competitor to break 1 hour.

Lyndsey had a very good swim (4th OA) and as always very strong on the bike and a solid run. She was fortunate to finish to 1st woman OA and 8th OA. To quote the newspaper..."She left the crowd Gawking" at the difference between herself and 2nd. 8+ mins. Wow.

Alistair had a rough swim. Sometimes that happens in triathlons. He felt good on the bike and run though and was very pleased to finish 36 OA and 4th in his age group.

Sandy was happy to make it to the starting line as she has had some nagging injuries. Today she was racing and happy to finish. Sandy is setting her sights on Invermere as is Darryl and Shane. Good Luck this weekend!!!!

Congrats also out to Viv and Lisa who also were competing today. They finish 3 and 4th in their age group.. Nice job Ladies!!!!

Great White North

Great white had perfect racing conditions. I was very happy about this as Lethbridge and Arbour saw my share of rain. My goal was to make it to the starting line. After dropping my Mom off at the Airport I made my way to the lake. I felt that I had enough time to do everything that I needed. I always bring a checklist so that I do not miss anything. Once at T1 I saw that there was no space for my bike. It was jam packed. After some tricky moves I got my bike in. My plan was to swim fast enough to avoid the soon to be hectic T1. Sandy came and helped me put on my wetsuit. I was the last one in T1. The countdown clock was 5 mins. Lots of time. O canada started and I made my way to the start. I quickly went far left and found a good spot to start from. High Five Greg, a quick dunk underwater and off we went. The swim was good, my googles leaked but no big deal. The swim is always so short. I was quickly through T1 and onto my bike. I was happy with no rain. I had a lot of fun on the bike today. I felt strong and the best that I have in many years. Time = 2:29. I left T2 at the 3 hour mark. Right on target. The run was a bit of a struggle but overall I was very pleased with a 1:36 half. My endurance really showed near the last 5 km. I was very lucky to grab an IM spot and I will be racing IMC come August. This is my 10 year anniversary since doing the race so I am very happy to be trying it again.

Greg also had a good race. He has been very busy lately with baby Nate. Less hours training and even less hours sleeping. Welcome to the club Greg! He was happy to finish in just over 6 hours. Sylvan is next for Greg. good luck on Saturday.

Rose was also racing today, she was very much looking forward to a good training day for IMC. She was also very happy to get to the starting line and finishing the race was very emotional. Great job Rose!

Congrats also out to Don who completed his 1st ever half in a time of 6:54. That was a great training day for IMC as well for Don.

First Lap Done for Todd

Moving on to T1

Almost Done, the Pringles taste Great!