Saturday, July 25, 2009

Holes in the gloves

Jerry, are holes supposed to be in the gloves? Elaine why are you laughing. Neuman!!! Stop taking pictures.

Classic moment

What do you think Jerry? Is it flat?

I dunno George let's ask Elaine. Where is Neuman. Neuman!!!

Episode 145 from Seinfeld (cycling trip gone bad)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Canmore Sprint and Olympic Triathlons

Last weekend Canmore was the host town to some fast Sprint and Olympic distance racing. I have had really great feedback on the course. Beautiful, hilly and well organized. There was even some wildlife to be seen (Moose).

No Limits did really well and here are the results. Great work everyone!

Sprint distance Race:
Myron 2nd overall 2nd in Age group in a time of 1:17
Elaine 3rd woman overall, 1st in Age group in a time of 1:28

Olympic distance
Kyle 13 overall, 3 in AG
Jenny 3rd woman overall, 1st in AG
Rob 39 overall, 7 in AG
Vivian 167 overall, 5 in AG

Kyle's Canmore race report

I was a little uncertain of how Ironman training would play out on an Olympic course. My day started off rough. As I was heading out the door to ride up to T1 I realized I had a flat in one of my race wheels. Since I was running late I decided to toss one of Carrie's wheels on my bike and off I went. It seems I wasn't the only one having a bad morning- at the pre-race briefing we found out the race would be delayed because a moose was taking his morning bath in Quarry Lake.
The race started with a crowded group trying to squeeze into the small lake. I tried to push hard through the first 200 m but was constantly hitting different body parts. At one point I was sure I hit the moose! After 10 turns and going slightly off course a few times I ran out of the water only to be partially tackled by a random 7 year old. In my effort to avoid him, my hamstring cramped up and I hobbled the rest of the 300 m to T1. Wasn't pleased with my swim time nor running into a small child.
After fighting with my wetsuit for a while and slipping off my pedal at the mounting area, I finally got on the road. I worked on moving up the field trying to get as close as I could to a 1 hour ride. That would be tougher then I thought as each hill seemed to become longer and steeper on each repeat and my bike computer had decided to pack it in. I pushed hard but felt the effects of the hills at the end of the ride.
At T2 I was in the top 15 and could see 2 people ahead of me. I had a much better transition and was mentally looking forward to the run. Unfortunately my legs had alternative plans. After 2km of marathon pace I finally convinced them that we were running a 10 K and we better get going. I put in a few sub 4 min kms then I hit some more hills. The good thing was that there was no wind... the bad thing was that I had to do those hills again on the second lap. I picked off a few people but soon realized that I would have to run alot faster to match the speed of some of the other racers (One racer did a 33 min run!). I finished hard and felt I left it all out there.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heart of the Rockies Triathlon

Shane and Louise took on the Heart of the Rockies triathlon and both did well.

Shane finished 2nd in his age group with a time of 2:30
Louise finished 3rd in her age group with a time of 2:40

Good racing Louise and Shane!

Stampede 10 Km

Congrats to Louise who took part in the Stampede 10 Km and finished in a time of 42:23. 2nd in Age group. Nice running Louise.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Great White North Half IronMan

The Great White North Tri was held a couple of weeks ago and we had very good racing conditions. No wind, rain or snow. :) I was fortunate once again to grab a IMC spot. Pheonix grabbed one as well. Here are the results and below are many photos from the race.

Myron 4:37
Todd 4:39
Ian 4:46
Kevin 5:01 (very happy to pass me on the bike)
Suzanne 5:18
Dawn 5:30
Phoenix 5:48
Mary 5:57
Brian 6:04
Tanya 6:14

Great job by everyone and I look forward to doing this race again next year.

Myron T1 at Great White North

Ian T1

Todd T1

Mary T1

Kevin T1

Brian in T1

Tanya T1

Greg at T1

Myron on Bike

Todd on Bike

Kevin on Bike

Ian on the bike

Suzanne on the bike

Myron on the Run

Todd on the run

Ian on the run

Kevin on the run

Suzanne on the run

Myron and Son

Chasing the dream

Ian and son

Tanya and Mary very happy to be done

Tim and Dawn at GWN

Great White North is all done!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Great White North and Stampede

Good Luck to all the competitors at Great White North this weekend. We have quite a group heading North to compete. Some of us are hoping to group an IronMan Canada spot.

Good tip: If you do crash in Transition, make sure you Stick the landing. :)

Good luck to Louise who is taking on the Stampede 10 Km!