Monday, May 28, 2007

Maddie on the Run

Maddie on the bike

Volunteer Jill at KOS Calgary

Calgary Kids of Steel (Race Review by Maddie)

I would first off like to thank my friends and family for joining me on my first race of the season. I would especially like to thank my awesome coach Todd for believing in me and helping me be successful in all my triathlons and running races and much more to come. I couldn’t ask for a better coach he makes me strive for my goals and to push my limits.
Well what a surprising day. It started off as such a great running season with 3 wins under my belt. What happened today? My race today was very eventful. Right off the hop I just couldn’t feel my groove. The other girls all looked so focused with so much experience under their belts. It was kind of scary not know what to expect. The swim felt good I was really trying to pace myself and not freak out. The bike just didn’t feel right. I was really uncertain about the aero bars and the clips. I felt very timid. But I knew if I hauled I could catch them on the run. It wasn’t to be. But boy it was fun. I was very sad at the end because I know I had not left it out there on the course. But Rose Petal said “don’t you dare you cry you be proud and grateful to be here”. I am so blessed. One thing I did learn is to zip up my coat because today mine was like a Para shoot in the wind. Coming in sixth place today was quite a shocker, but I know that it can only make me stronger and ready for my next race this coming up weekend “Tri this Tri”! I know I’m going to do well because I know that I’m more mentally tough and physically tough. I am prepared. With training and racing more to come I will become more comfortable with my bike! MY bike is my friend!!!!Repeat!!
The highlight of the day. Was watching Jake rock in his first Tri

Monday, May 21, 2007

Greg running at 27 Km

Red Deer Marathon

Greg took part in the Red Deer marathon on Sunday. The weather turned out to be quite nice. 11 or so degrees and with a slight breeze to keep everyone cool. The mosquitos were out in full force. I was waiting at 27 km mark and almost was carried away by the bugs. This did not affect Greg though. He looked steady and strong and quite happy to be running.

He crossed the finish line in 4:29. This was 20 mins faster than last year. Great job Greg! We were very lucky to have the race in the morning as the rain poured down at 2:00. Just in time for me to start the back 9. Wet wet wet.

Good luck to Greg at a short sprint tri coming up and to Maddie taking part in the Calgary KOS on Sunday. No snow this weekend. OK!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's Day

A big congratulations go out to Maddie who won her AG at Mother's Day 5Km in a time of 21:17.

She was 51 overall and 13 female.

Fantastic job. Watch for her at the Calgary KOS coming in less than 2 weeks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lethbridge Tri

Last weekend was the Splash, dash and Gasp Triathlon held in Lethbridge. The day before was amazing. In the 20's, blue sky etc etc... Race day was another story. High of 6, rain and wind. This would have been a good day to sleep in.

The swim was fun. I kept getting lapped by the leaders again and again. This was no big deal as I knew most of them. Tim was kind enough to say sorry at one point. No worries!

My lack of swim training showed. Shane however had a great swim. A pr = low 23 min. He was followed by Tim and then Maureen. Once at T1, Shane and Tim were no where in sight. Maureen and I laughed about all the gear we were putting on. Booties, pants etc...I wanted to be warm today. We were both glad we took the extra time as my feet were numb after about 2/3 of the bike. At about the 2 or 3 km mark I saw Shane on the side of the road. I stopped and asked what happened. He blew a very big hole in his tire. His race was over. Sorry Shane.

I then set my sights on catching Tim. He was further up the road and I slowly caught him. He was trying his new tri-spoke wheels today. I wonder how they handled in the strong winds. After passing Tim my next focus was on where the turnaround was. It did not come fast enough. I was near the top 10 during the bike but I was struggling with the wind and rain. My speed never really came and all I could do for motivation was to sing my latest new mp3 songs in my head. It helped but I was sure glad to see T2.

At T2 I saw Katie and asked her how she was doing. She said that she was unable to undo her strap to her helmet as her fingers were frozen. I went over and undid it for her. I thought for sure she would let me beat her after a gesture like this. No such luck. Shane joined me on my run and it took about 2 km for my feet to thaw. It was nice to have a partner to run with. Near the bridge I picked up the pace a bit and Shane and I were separated. The run was hard and I was over dressed with my jacket and pants. At least I was not cold. I started to struggle near the 6 km mark and I focused on my rhythm and feeling good. I could feel a blister starting to form on my left heal. Just before the hill. What luck. This year I ran (or shuffled) all the way to the top. Everyone I coached, also did the same. That is not easy to do, so pat yourselves on the back for that effort.

I was very happy to finish and Johnny was there to give me a great big hug at the finish. Nice.

I was fortunate to come in 14th overall, 5th in AG. Tim came in 21 OA, 6 in AG.
Maureen won her AG and came in 22 OA.
Dawn came in 2nd in the same AG.
Marnie came in 3rd in her AG, 35 OA.

Richard was the only No Limits athlete running in the sprint. He was glad to have switched spots with Maureen as he has been working over in Russia. Richard finished the sprint in 1:40.

Bruce was taking part in his very 1st triathlon ever and he choose the super sprint event. He rocked it by winning his AG and 7 OA.

Congratulations to everyone who braved the cold and dared to tri. This will be a race that I will not forget for a while.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Race season is Here! Yey!

Darryl, Lynsdey, Shane and Jim

Banff-Calgary Relay

The Banff-calgary relay was held this past weekend. The times were Fast!

Darryl ran 10km in 36:40
Lyndsey ran 10km in 40:33
Pete ran 10 km in 41:15

Nice running!!!! Keep up your hard training!

Police Half

The Police half was held a couple a weeks ago. The weather looked like it could rain, so I wore my jacket. I like to be warm. As it turned out, sunday was a perfect day to run. Not too cold or windy. Just the way I like it. I was running with Corey with a goal of hitting 1:30. Corey was suffering from a sinus infection and he fell off the pace. I hung tough and finsihed in 1:31. I was very pleased with this time. Corey came in a dissappointing 1:37. Elaine was using this race to test her Ironman training fitness. Everything looks good with a 1:38. Elaine was also very happy with her result. Shane hopped into this race as Michele was unable to make it. He used this run as a nice chance to get his LSD run in early in the day. He cruised to a PR of 1:44. Nice!
Dawn running on tired legs from Boston enjoyed her run and also ran to a PR of 1:48. Wow. Isabelle was also in the mix and she was attempting her very 1st Half marathon. She crossed the line in 2:39. Great job Isabelle! I know you are very proud of your day.

Congrats to all the finsihers. And thanks to all the friends who were cheering along the course. It was great motivation to see so many friendly faces.