Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nice job Sue!!!!

Well Sue just finished the Boston Marathon. This year she was competing in the 60 Age group. She ran a great race and finished in 3:35 which was good enough for 5th in her age group. WOW!

Sue congratulations and thanks for being such a great inspiration for all of us!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two other little races

Oh, I forgot that there are also 2 other little races coming up. Sue is doing Boston and Kyle is doing the Eugene Marathon!

These will be 2 runners to follow on race day.

Spring Trio

A busy Sunday, being Easter and of course the Spring Trio (5, 10 , 15Km) race.

Peggy testing her legs did very well finishing in 30:56 for the 5 Km
Louise (10Km) was warming her legs for the police half and finished in 43:26 (1st in Age group)
Elaine (10 Km) was also out enjoying the fabulous day with a finish close behind Louise 45:06 (2nd in AG)
Janice ran strong for the 15 Km run and finished in a great time of 1:20. Good for 2nd in her AG.

Nice work ladies!!!!

Next race is Police Half and Wildflower !!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Icebreaker 10 KM

The Icebreaker 10 Km was held a couple of weeks ago on a great spring day. the air temp was fine and there was limited ice on the route. When we lined up to start the race I was lucky to see many familiar faces. One was my old running partner Vince. I could remember running this race with him years ago and I was unable to match his pace, but I learned a lot about pacing from that day. Today he told me he was injured this year and was hoping to just run a 38. I was hoping to stick with him today. Luke was also beside me, Madi and Rose were all in sight.

For me I decided to run strong for as long as I could. this ended up being a 38:30 which I was very pleased with as I have not cracked 39 for some time. Following my finish was Vince and then....

Madi came home in 41:10 after taking a tumble on the ice at the mile marker (ouch)
It was great to see Corey again and he finished strong in 41:44
Kelly showed that she is getting ready for Wildflower with a 44:59
Mariano decided to start training for Wildflower :) with a 49:13
Rose raced well and finished in 52:37
Vivian was extremely grateful to be able to run and cross the finish line!

What a great day to run! We all had a wonderful race and enjoyed the morning!