Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Half marathon results

What a great weekend! A bit cold in Calgary, but it is February after all!

Vancouver held a half marathon in great conditions. Myron led the charge and came home in a PB of 1:24. Janice soon followed with another PB of 1:51.

Mary took place in the hypothermic half in Calgary. Surprisingly Rose showed up and ran with her. Unfortunately Mary's knee was talking to her and she wisely pulled herself from the race. Rose went on to finish in 2:07.

Good running everyone. Mary take care of your knee!

Next race is St Pats 10 Km!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Half marathons this weekend!

This weekend there are 2 half marathons taking place. Myron and Janice will be travelling to Vancouver for the First Half Marathon. Mary will be staying close to home and will tackle the hypothermic Half marathon here in Calgary. Let's cross our fingers that both races have great weather and everyone meets their goal.

Good luck on Sunday!!!!