Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Todd and Ian at 5 Km

Rob in Blue, Rob in Black

Kevin at 5 Km

Irish Lyndsey

Mary is done!

Tanya at the finish

St Pats start

Warming up!

St Pats results

Well St Pats has come and gone. The weather was much better than last year. Although my fingers were still quite cold during the 1st lap. :)
There was quite a large crowd on hand for the race. We arrived in lots of time to warmup. Much to the surprise of Ian. He expected me to arrive 5 - 10 sec before the start. I would not dissapoint. After the warmup I casually made my way to the bathroom for a quick pitstop. It was fun making my way through the crowd. They were all headed to the starting line. En route I ran into Blaire and Bob and we were chatting about the race and after the bathroom break we casually walked to the starting line where people kept saying get off the road the race is about to begin. Ooops! once again I was too causaul. :) I found Ian, and the Robs at the starting line and took my spot. When the gun went off the really fast people sprinted off. I went out at a bit more controlled pace very cautious not to slip on the ice round the 1st corner. .....

To keep this short...Ian was way ahead...I ran side by side with the Robs and then at 4 Km dropped them. At 5 Km caught Ian and unfortunately he was not feeling the best and he dropped back a bit. After losing my carrot (Ian) my pace slowed a bit and I was focused on my upcoming marathon, which is 4x longer. I relaxed my breathing and pace and knew that I would break 40 mins. Which is always good. After the finish the rest of the crew quickly passed the line as well. This was just the 1st race of the year and we were all just testing ourselves. I think we all passed. Here are the results below. For full results check out the following link:

Todd 39:46
Ian 40:10
Rob M 41:01
Rob K 41:05
Jenny 41:37
Lyndz 43:05
Mike 43:21
Kevin 43:28
Louise 44:21
Mary's Bob 46:24
Mary 50:29
Kevin's Lisa 50:58
Tanya's Blair 52:28
Phoenix 53:01
Tanya 54:03
Mario 60:00

1st one is over, next race is the IceBreaker 10 Km!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

St Pats this weekend!

I think everyone in Calgary is ready for a little bit of warm weather. Sunday is St Pats 10 Km run. There will be 10 of us taking part in the run. Yes I am running too! :)

The forecast is for +4 degrees but it is changing every day. As long as it is not -20 something, I will be happy.

This will be a great test to see our current fitness.

See you at the starting line!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spin-A-thon at Tri - It

Tri-It is having a spring spin-A-thon March 29 8-2:00am and 2:00 - 8:00pm

Triathletes working to help Tomorrows Champions!
100% of proceeds go to support local triathletes reach the podium
Entry fee includes:
- Swag bag
- 6 hrs riding with top coaches and elite athletes
- Instruction from the best in the local community
- Spolumbo’s Sandwiches
- Nutrition Samples
- Door prizes
Sunday March 29th 2009 8am-2pm and 2pm-8pm
Call 403 270 7776 or email to register.
Tri It Multisport $60.00 per session
Spring Spin-A-Thon
- The chance to meet people and other
members in the Tri-Community
- Help local athletes get to the next level
- Awesome giveaways
- Great workout!
- Tons of fun
- Sales 10% to 50% off in store!

For more info please talk to me or call the store.