Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chinook Half Ironman

Saturday was the chinook half! The weather turned out to be OK for racing. The clouds were looming overhead but I think it never really rained. The winds were out for part of the ride making the course even more difficult. If you have never done this ride it is full of rollers!

Maureen was back racing today. She had a strong swim and bike. Basically she raced this part of the race with Gord. It was good to see him on the run again! Maureen took a while to get into her pace on the run but once she found it, it felt good. Good enough for 1st in her Age group and 2nd Female overall. Nice! 5:31

Corey was back racing and his body was mostly healed from his bike crash just before Wasa. This was his first half and he was keen to give it a good go. Unfortunately he had some cramping issues that did not let him get aero during his bike. And he loves to ride hard. The cramping also affected his run. He was very happy to have completed his 1st half but disappointed that he had cramping issues. His time was 5:42

Brian was also competing today. He had a bit of a rough swim but once he was on land he felt much better. he was very happy to have this race under his belt.

This always looks like a good race. I will have to try it one year.

Edmonton Triathlon

Edmonton Tri was held last Sunday. It was a perfect day. overcast, warm and little wind. Great day for fast times. This is a very tough course as the bike ride has many up and downs and to ride fast you can not really ease up on the downhills or you will lose too much time. Lyndsey and Darryl have been working very hard on their bike and it showed. they both came in 1st in their agegroup and 6th and 7th overall (respectively). Pete was also testing his fitness today. He was very happy with his time as his training has also been going very well. He finish in a very respectable 2:25. Isabelle was eager to race again and test her ankle. She sprained her ankle just before Wasa which forced her to stop after the bike leg. Today however she was able to complete the race. Yahoo. I know she was very happy to do this. Congrats to everyone at the race!
Isabelle ready to go!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Vancouver 2008

Congrats to Shane, Lyndsey and Darryl who all grabbed early spots to the 2008 world championships to be held in Vancouver!!

Nice work!

Good luck to Lyndsey, Pete, Darryl and Isabelle who are racing Edmonton this weekend. And to Maureen, Corey and Tim racing Chinook tomorrow!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Photos needed

Please send me your photos of the races. The blog is looking too texty. I like pictures!


Half Moon Lake results

Half Moon lake triathlon also took place on Sunday. Greg was the lone representation of No Limits. The weather was also tough for him as well. It poured on him during the swim and bike but stopped for his run. This was his 1st triathlon of the year and he was happy considering he has not done much since Nate was born on May 23. Great job Greg and I will see you at the Great White North in 2 weeks. It will be fun to race you again.

Arbour Lake Tri

Wow what a day for the race! 10 degrees and rain and more rain. When I left my house the sun was out and I thought OK, the rain is over and we should have a good day. As I headed down crowchild the rain started and never stopped. Once at the parking lot I unloaded my stuff and sat in the car for a couple of mins to decide what to do. Jill and Chris walked by and said the rain will not stop by sitting in the car. So I got out and closed the door. Hey, what was that beeping noise? Oh yeah the keys are in the ignition with my phone and th doors are all locked. Perfect! Walked to transition dropped my bike off at the racks and then picked up my race package and got numbered. Still deciding what to do. I stood in the rain looked at the lake and I was already cold. That was it, I was not going to race. Lethbridge was cold enough and I did not want to repeat that day. So I was done! Tim also made the same choice as me.

Rose, Viv and Lyndsey did the olympic relay. Rose had a good swim, Viv had a great ride considering the weather and Lyndsey drank too much coffee to keep warm to have a really good run. I kept her company and I enjoyed the run without the S and B.

Chris and Marnie both were signed up for the sprint event and they looked good doing it. They were smiling and having fun. I have yet to talk to them about how it all went for them.

Josh was part of another relay (oly). He did the swim and was surprised how long it was. He did really great for a guy who does not swim much. Maddie then took to the roads for the bike leg. She managed to get in 2 laps before succumbing to the cold conditions. Her cousin then started the 10 km run. I don't think today anyone cared that she did not do the full 4 laps. People kept coming into medical to be treated for the cold and one lady unfortunately broke her arm. Very tough day.

Maddie's uncle Don was also racing today. He was smart enough to sign up for the sprint event. He survived the race! That is a great accompishment today.

Next race is Edmonton tri and Chinook half next weekend! Good luck to everyone competing and please no one step on any spiders to keep the rain away. :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Wasa results

Last Sunday was also Wasa triathlon weekend. It was a cold lake and windy day on the bike.

I went swimming at Mara Lake on the same day and if the water was as cold as I was swimming in, Wow. Cold. I only lasted for ~20 strokes before looking for the dock. But as you know I do not like the cold.

The cold waters did not slow Maureen much. She pushed strong from start to finish and ended up winning her Age group. Her training lane mate Jackie also had a good race (considering the limited training). The 1 minute lost in her swim was most likely due to her vacation from the pool when BHC was down. :) Sorry Jackie, I just can't help myself :)

Corey was eager to have a good race here today. But he had a bike crash just a few days before as some deer jumped in front of him in the middle of his Hard interval training. He hit the ground at 40+ km/hr. Ouch! Corey great job at making it to the starting line and crossing the finish. I know that was very hard to do.

Sandy was also racing today. The cold weather really impacted her today. As we know Sandy really does not like the cold waters. Worse than me. She did not warm up during the event and was disappointed with her race. Next race Sandy!!!

Isabelle also had a tough time just making it to the starting line today. One week before the race while walking (no deer attacks!) she sprained her ankle. Ouch! With proper rest she was able to make it to the starting line and finished the swim and bike components. Her ankle was still too tender to run on so she called it quits after the bike. Smart decision. Over all she was very pleased with how she fared.

Great effort everyone at the race and please be careful out there!! Next race is Arbour Lake tri on Sunday. Come on out and cheer me and Tim on. I need all the help I can get. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Sunday was a very busy weekend for races!!!

Vancouver was testing its 2008 world championship course with a World cup and a race for the age groupers to grab an early ticket to the worlds. Shane, Lyndsey, Darryl and Elaine all took part in the race. The weather was not great with some rain on the course making for some slippery conditions. This plus a cold ocean made for a difficult day. Oh did I forget to mention that the course was a bit long. About 4 km or so long! Not what everyone expected.

With these challenging conditions we had some great racing! Lyndsey was testing her fitness with the 1st tri of the year. It is good. She came in 1st in her AG and 5th woman overall. Darryl was also racing in his 1st tri of the year. His fitness is good as he placed 3rd in his age group and 10th overall. This was Shane's 3rd race of the year and his best to date. He placed 5th in his AG and 37 overall. He was very happy to set PR's today.

Elaine was on track to a great result as well until a crash on her bike slowed her progress. Elaine crashed just after the bike turnaround and landed hard on her side. Her helmet is cracked in 2 and her shoulder is separated. After falling Elaine picked herself up and finished the bike and the 14 km run. Can you imagine running / biking with a separated shoulder??? Elaine finished the race very proud and happy to be able to be OK. Even with the crash, Elaine was able to come in 6th in her Age group. Wow. Please send positive thoughts to Elaine as she is healing over these next 2 weeks.

The results from today were amazing!!! You are all great athletes and I am very proud of what you all accomplished in Vancouver. Keep your focus on the next race, and be safe!!! If anyone has any pics from Van please email my way.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nice finishing Kick, eh?

How many more laps Pete?

Maddie all finished


Alistair on the run

Try this Triathlon

Last weekend was Try this Tri put on by Multisports Canada. Trevor always puts on a good race and he ordered much better weather than last year. It was a fantastic day to race and cheer.

Maddie was racing again. She was strong in all 3 areas. Swim bike and run. Unfortunately she thought the bike was only 3 laps and it was in fact 4. This forced a DQ after the race was done. This was really too bad! Next race is St Albert KOS for Maddie.

Bruce was back on the playing field and he looked like he was having a lot of fun. Much better weather than Lethbridge eh Bruce. He ended coming in 4th in his AG.

Pete was taking part in his 1st triathlon of the year. This is a great way to get your feet wet and dust off the bike. Pete came in 3rd in his AG and 8th overall.

Alistair was taking part in his 2nd ever triathlon. He looked strong on the bike and run. He came in 2nd in his AG and 20 overall.

Great job to everyone who raced today. It was fun to watch and cheer.