Monday, October 20, 2008

Gorilla run

The Gorilla run was held this past weekend. This sounds like a fantastic run. You get to run through the zoo with the animals all cheering loudly as you run by. Lots of Fun.

Good results were seen:
Kevin ran 1:15 (2nd in AG)
Elaine ran 1:17 (3rd in AG)
Lisa ran 1:26 (5th in AG)
Janice ran 130 (8th in AG)

Next year I will put this one my calendar for sure! :)

Next race is winterstart / Halloween Howler! and then the last chance half!

get out and enjoy the fall weather!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thanksgiving 10 km run

2 weeks ago calgary saw the 10 Km Thanksgiving 10 Km run along the Bow river. Myron and Kyle were testing their HR and speed. Myron ran 39:29 (4th) and Kyle ran 40:07 (5th).

Good job guys!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My Kona race report is complete but it is too big to post on the blog. If you would like a copy please send me a short email...


Sue checking out transition

Mark Allen and Todd

Setting up the Finish Line - Hang Loose

Dropping buoys in the Ocean

Pre Race diner with the Daves

Entrance to Expo

Dave fixing his Zipps

Sue at the Ocean

Todd at the Ocean

Bike is ready to go!

Transition bags

Transition bags

Transition - Bikes

Hawaii Beach

IronMan Hawaii

Well Hawaii has come and gone. We all had a fantastic trip and a race experience that we will never forget. The race is truly amazing and it was one of the hardest/coolest things I have ever done. I wish that every triathlete could experience this race.

Here is how we did:

Lyndsey: Total = 11:04 Swim = 1:11, Bike = 5:46, Run = 3:59, T1= 4:17, T2 = 2:37 14th in AG.
ME: Total = 11:18 Swim = 1:07, Bike = 5:47, Run = 4:12, T1 = 4:01, T2 = 6:54 186th in AG
Dave Total = 12:17 Swim = 1:16, Bike = 6:16, Run = 4:35, T1 = 4:45, T2 = 4:41 120th in AG
Sue Total = 13:54 Swim = 1:21, Bike = 7:21, Run = 5:00, T1 = 4:55, T2 = 5:22 5th in AG

We all gave a great effort on the course and loved every minute of it!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


To get myself to this spot took the last 2 years!!! Thank you to all of you who helped me get here. You all have helped in many different ways. Some helped with physical, emotional, and others financial.
To race in Hawaii was one of my dreams and now it is complete. It was a great ride and truly one of the best experiences of my life!!!
Now the big question that I need to ask is What is next????
Mahalo to all of you!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kona Training

harvest half marathon

The harvest half was held last weekend on an absolutley beautiful day.

Here are some results:

Ian - 1:29
Bernie - 1:32
Elaine - 1:38
Mary - 1:55
Tanya - 2:11

Oh and Sam finished in 1:49

Nice running everyone!

Sooke Half Ironman

Just a short while ago Sooke held a half Ironman. Lynn and Myron were eager to try the distance. Lynn is preparing for IM west Australia and Myron was testing the waters of the half ironman distance.

In short both enjoyed the day!!! Great conditions to race and the course was great!

Lynn finished the course in 6:30 with a 32 min swim, 3:29 bike and a 2:22 run. Well done Lynn!

Myron started the day with a 28 min swim placing him 5th overall, and then he was off on the bike. After a short time he encountered a slight problem. He broke his chain. So he waited along side of the road for the van and they told him they could not touch his bike but they could tell him how to fix the broken chain. He just happened to have a repair tool with him. After about an hour he was good to go and finished the bike in 3:57, then finished the run in 1:47 and finished just in front of lynn at 6:18.

How many of you out there would have taken the time to fix your chain??? Great job Lynn and Myron and the lesson here is: maybe look online to see how to repair your chain just in case.....

Kona Bound Age Group Women

Check out the Kona website for info on the Canadian Age group Prospects.

Well done Lyndsey and Sue!