Monday, December 03, 2007

Vegas Marathon

Here are the results from Vegas:

Elaine = 3:36
Michele = 3:54
Dawn = 3:46
Anthony = 4:05

Great runs! I look forward to chatting with all about the day!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Vegas Marathon this Sunday!!!

Good Luck to Elaine, Michele, Dawn and Anthony who will be taking on the Vegas Marathon this weekend!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!

Who said Tri season is over!!!

Check out:

and see if you can spot the 2 triathletes who just can not get over the fact that the off season has arrived!! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Last chance Half

Last Chance Half

Last weekend was the last chance half marathon in Calgary. Elaine was using this race as a last tune up for Vegas Marathon. Legs were a bit tired but end result was very good. Elaine finished in a time of 1:36, good enough for 3rd in her AG, 11th female and 50th overall. Vegas in 2 weeks!

John, wanted to try this race as it was his first half. He was very pleased to run that far and finished in a time of 2:11

Other finishers included Corey in a time of 1:33 (close Corey) and Rose in a time of 2:33.

Congrats to all who ran!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Calgary Tri Club Challenge

Tony Smith of UCTC writes:

I've had a fun idea kicking around in my head for while which I'd like to share with you all. I've often thought it would be great to bring the various Calgary Tri Clubs together for a fun event in the off season. This event would be called "Calgary Tri Club Challenge", here's how I see it working.

Your athletes will complete a 1500m swim time trial at your facility (or independently) anytime between now and Nov 20. You will send me, by email, your athlete names (first name only will suffice) and time for the 1500m.

Participants from all clubs will then meet at Edworthy Park (north side parking lot) on Sunday, Nov 25 at 10am for a 5km run time trial on the pathway heading East, out and back. Total time will be recorded.

I will collect all results and add the 1500m swim time to the 5k run time for an overall placing. I will post combined swim and run results on our club website. No entry fee and no prizing (unless anyone wants to donate prizing for the event).

Everyone will be welcome, non club members will also be invited to race as "independents".

I see this as a great opportunity to organize a fun event and bring everyone together. A first amongst Calgary tri Clubs in our city !

The UCTC will be participating for sure and I'd like to encourage you to join us. Full details will be posted on our club message board at soon. I will copy you with the info, if you're interested please "reply all" to this email and let us know. Coaches are also encouraged to race, let's have some fun with this !


Check out

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New York Marathon

The New York marathon was held on Sunday. The internet is great as I was able to watch the start (hit my watch) and follow the progress of Sue as she clicked off the miles. Going into the race Sue was a bit hesitate as to what the day would bring. As I followed her progress, I saw that she was having a great day! This was her last race in New York in her current age group. She did awesome finishing in a time of 3:33. This was good enough to place 6th in her Age (55 - 59) group. This is the New York Marathon!!! Very well done Sue!

Races last weekend

Last weekend we saw quite a few races happening. 1st was in Banff with the Winterstart.

Maddie was trying to repeat her Age group win from last year. She was feeling under the weather all week and managed to push through a tough night to once again win. Congrats Maddie on a good race and not feeling 100%.

Michele was also running in Banff as a fun race, and a chance to have a short training race for Vegas. She had a great time in Banff and enjoyed the evening run. Kevin decided to try this race as well. He felt good from start to finish and was happy with 12th in his Age group.

Back in Calgary on a cold and snowy Sunday we had quite a few challenge the Jingle Bell 10Km run. Shane was close to the front with a time of 44:38, Brad was enjoying his day with a sub 50 min clocking, Mary was very happy to finish sub 60 in her 1st ever 10 km, Janette took off 15 mins from her last 10 km and Isabelle was at first disappointed with her run but after looking at the conditions (very snowy and icy) was pleased with her day.

Great job to all for getting out and testing the elements and your Fall training. Next race is the Last Chance Marathon next weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Art a la Carte

Art a la Carte

This past weekend we had a 10 mile and 10 km race, Art a la Carte. Elaine showed she is getting ready for Vegas with a very strong 1:12. This put her 8th overall and 2nd in Age Group.

Kevin and Lisa were also racing. They took part in the 10 Km. Kevin showed how much he loves to run with a 47:09 (3rd overall). Lisa, not too far behind ran a 55:04 (15 overall). Both were pleased with their day.

Great job to all the racers. Next race is Jingle Bell 10 KM and Banff Winterstart.

EMS running race

EMS 5 and 10 Km

The EMS race took place on Oct 12. I do not have the results from that race. If anyone would like to email them that would be awesome.

Shane and Maddie both took part in the 5km event. Both had good runs. Maddie was coming off a 2nd place finish at the cities x-country event the following day. Here she was able to stay in front of Shane and finish very high. 2nd???? Shane had a great race and he was focused on keeping a close eye on Maddie and not let her get too far ahead.

Isabelle, Janette and John were all running in the 10 km event. Isabelle and Janette both enjoyed the run and were pleased with the race. John pushed through feeling not so great from the flu and had fun and the race. All 3 are setting their sights on the Jingle Bell run 10km coming up very quickly.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tri-It Ironman Celebratory Night

Tri It is proud to announce their inaugural
Ironman Celebratory Night.Friday, October 19 from 6-9pm at Tri It. All 2007, 2008 and other Ironman Hopefuls invited! Bring your cheering squad and anyone else who loves the sport.
Meet the coaches who take us there
See clips from various 2007 Ironman events (including the 2007 World Championships in Kona)
Sample some of Tri It's favourite Fuel
Listen to inspiring guest speakers
Enjoy munchies while you mingle
Take advantage of great deals
Enter for or chance to win a pair of Rudy Project Sunglasses
Don't Miss this event! Call 270-7776 to RSVP today,
or email for more information.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Finer Details of Front Crawl Swim Clinic

I am once again offering my Swim Clinic The Finer Details of Front Crawl on Oct 21 at Tri-It. This is a 2 part class. Part 1 is a 2.5 hour lecture on proper technique of front crawl. Part 2 is your chance to take what you learned in the class to the pool and be video taped below and above water by Ken Olson of Race-Tec Systems Inc.

This is a very good refresher for everyone to brush up on their stroke. Each time I review the class I get a better handle of what I should be doing and my stroke always feels better.

I know that some of you have already taken the course and some will be video taped at other classes so I am offering a chance to take just part 1 or part 2 if desired.

The cost for the whole day is $150 (includes DVD) or
$180 (includes DVD + feedback from Ken)

The cost for part 1 or part 2 will be $75.
If the additional feedback option is chosen cost is $90.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall colors and the start of their Base building for 2008!

Fall running

Get out and enjoy the beautiful pathways that Alberta has to offer. The colors are great this time of year.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tour of Courage

This summer I was very fortunate to be a part of Lance Armstrong's Tour of Courage. I road with my good friend Lyle in support of his Mother in Law who is fighting cancer. This was a great day for us to ride with one of the best cyclist ever, and to also be a part of a great cause. This chance will come again next summer and I encourage everyone to take part in this amazing ride.

In the photo is Donalda, Lyle, myself and Brandie. Below is Me and Lance.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Alberta Female Age Group of the Year Winner!

Congrats to Lyndsey who picked up the Alberta Female Age Group of the Year Award on Saturday. Lyndsey had a great year winning her Age group in every Canadian race she entered. As well as being the Canadian Female Age Group Champ. To end off her summer she placed 2nd earning a silver medal at the World Championships in Hamburg, Germany.

Fantastic Job this year Lyndsey!!!!!

We are all very proud of you!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Great White North Tri Signup (Sept 15)

Please note that the signup for GWN opens on Sept 15. This race will fill fast so if you want to do this race, get on the computer Setp 15. I will be signing up again! :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

SILVER in Germany!!!!!!

Lyndsey had a great day at the World Championships in Germany. She placed 2nd in her age group with a time of 2:21. Fantastic.

Darryl also had a great day finishing in 2:12. This placed him in 47th in his age group.

Great racing Lyndsey and Darryl!!!! We all look forward to hearing of your race.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Congrats Maureen! IronMan #2 complete

Maureen and Richard the day after. Looking very relaxed and comfortable.
Congrats on completing your 2nd IronMan. This year Maureen had a PR with a time of 12:18.
A flat tire and being crashed into would not stop her from reaching the finish line.
Way to Go!!!!!!

Good Luck

Good Luck in Germany this weekend!!!!
Kick Butt Lyndsey.

Good Luck

Good Luck to Darryl this Sunday in Germany!

World Championships this Sunday!!!!!!

This weekend is the triathlon world championships being held in Hamburg, Germany.

Lyndsey and Darryl are both set to rock! This will be a great day. Think positive thoughts to help them push their limits!!!

Go, Go, Go!!!!

Mint Flavored Aero Bar at Special Needs

Here I am eating my aero bar at the run specail needs. I was very tired and this was awesome. Is there a better bar for a triathlete than an Aero Bar! No, I didn't think so.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bike to run Sticks (the night before)

Where's waldo?

You will be able to spot me on the course as I will be riding a black and white Cerevlo + aero helmet. Easy to spot. No one else will have that right?? :)

Empty Transition Racks

The Calm before the storm!

Me, Paul, Laura, Logan, Mark & Tammy @ IMC

Greg and Nate at IMC

New Hardware


The 25th anniversary of IronMan Canada is over. I was very lucky to be a participant during this special event. The last time I completed this race was 10 years ago, so I was due. I qualified for IMC at GWN this year. I had a good race and I felt that if I increased my volume for my weekly LSD ride and run that I could have a good day at IMC. Chaparral Olympic race was my fitness test. Good swim, great bike and a run plagued by blisters set me up for 4th overall. I was very pleased with my fitness. But now I had to deal with blisters on my right heal with one week to go until IMC. Race week I did zero training and arrived in Penticton on Thursday AM. Each day my heal was getting better and better. My big dilemma was to wear the shoes that I wore during chaparral that gave me blisters or the brand new shoes that I bought on Wednesday that I never tried before. I eventually chose to wear my old shoes with band aids and new socks.
I had so much fun the days leading up to the race. Visiting with athletes that I have not seen in some time and wishing everyone good luck. This was definitely a highlight of the trip for me.
Briefly. My race goals were this: swim 1 hour. Bike 5:30 and run 3:30. Total time = 10 hours. I did not include transition times as I thought they would just work themselves out somehow.
Swim start: Maureen, Steph and myself all lined up together on the right side in hopes to swim together. This was short lived as I lost sight of Maureen in 10 secs. Oh, well. I usually swim solo anyhow. Swim time 1:02. Close to the target.
Bike: 1st part up to Richter's pass was fast and I averaged 40km/hr. Time at the 1st 40km marker was 56-57min. Fast. Last time racing here so many passed me going up the big hill. This year no one did. Nice. I stopped after the top at an aid station to P and coming out I was rewarded with a wasp sting on my left bicep. Ouch. This affected my performance and I slowed my pace. The winds also were very strong and making headway was hard work. The rollers took even more energy from me and I was very happy to get my special needs bag. I witnessed a crash as I drove through. It did not sound pretty! I eventually got some energy back for Yellow lake and then the fun downhills were challenging with the strong winds. The last stretch into town was hard as once again we were directly into a headwind. One rider said, now all we have is a short run and we are done. At this point I had no idea of how I would be able to run. I was so tired. Bike time = 5:35. Very close to the target. I was pleased.
Run: In the change tent I made sure my band aids were in place and the shoes felt good before I started. Please let the blistered areas be fine! As I started running I felt WOW this is good. My pace is quick and I have energy from somewhere. Nice. Everyone I saw I passed. No one passed me for the longest time. I felt strong and I was maintaining my pace. My leg felt a bit off but I ignored it and kept running as the feeling would always leave. The turnaround took forever to arrive. I was getting very low on energy and I needed my special needs bag. Once I got there I took my time eating my snacks and mentally getting ready to run again. My time at the half was 1:44. Slightly faster than my target of 1:45. I was not complaining. Shortly after the turnaround my knee started to really hurt and it forced me to stop running. I would try to pick it up again but the pain was too much. I was forced to walk ~80-85% of the 2nd half marathon. The positive thing about this was that I could take my time and look for everyone on the other side of the road and cheer them on. The most difficult was walking down main street with the thick crowds and again down the last mile by the beach and through the finish shoot. With everyone trying to encourage me to run I just could not. My knee was so sore all I could do was walk. I was very emotional as I approached the finish line. A mixture of sadness and joy for returning to such a great event. I hope to qualify again next season and give this race another go. 10 years between races is too long. Thanks for everyone that cheered for me on the course and who were following along via the net. All of that helped me get across that magic line! Finish time = 11:44
Maureen had some bad luck. First a flat at Richter's Pass and then being rear ended by another cyclist at T2. She had a good swim, just in front of me. I actually saw her stand up and take off her wetsuit. That was cool knowing we both had the swims that we wanted. Time = 1:02 Bike time= 6:28 and run = 4:38 for a total of 12:18 (PR).
Greg was back for his 2nd attempt at IMC. This year his training had to be modified to adjust for his new son Nate. Greg swam 1:30 biked 6:58 and ran 5:24 for a total of 14:06.
Rose also had a great race, setting a new PR. Don and Bryan also both completed the IronMan for their 1st time. Will they be back? Only time will tell. It takes some of us 10 years to come back. :)
Great Job to all who took part in this event. A special thanks for all the great cheering out there on the course. Seeing friendly faces really does give me that extra boost. So always yell as loud as you can. Until next year!

Kelowna Race Report (SHANE)

I had a great race yesterday in Kelowna. It was the best race to date. I guess all of that struggling all year has paid off and I am still getting better. Now onto the race, I swam pretty average but still came in at a decent time. Swim:22:20 and transition was not bad except that I could not get my wetsuit off, that was a little frustrating. And then on the bike it was lots of fun. It took me until about the 5K mark to find my legs and get going. In addition there is one major hill at about the 3K mark (approx. 600m long and fairly steep). I just took the hill steady everytime I went up it and tried not to toast my legs off on it. I also had a lot of fun with 2 guys on the bike course, every lap they seemed to catch me going up the hill and then I would catch them going down or on the flats. It was a lot of fun and I had a great time. Bike Time: 1:09:08. And then came the run. I also had a good time on the run, it hurt but I felt good doing it. My legs on the run did not feel like they recovered until about the 2K mark and then I was in business. From this point on I started picking people off on the race course. On the second lap my legs started to really hurt from approximately the 5.5K mark to the 7K mark but I pushed through it and talked my way through it. Then at about 7.5K (my watch beeped - reason was that my watch was full on memory and I had remembered that just before the race that it was going to do that at the 2 hrs and 7 minute mark), don't ask me why but then I realized that if I can run 4 minutes kilometers for the last 2.5K, I will set a huge personal best. So I then had it in my head that I had 10 minutes of pain left and left everything out on the course. And yes I think I can back in around ten minutes of less. What a great feeling. I set a personal best on the run at 42:29. And to my surprise I came in at a personal best time of 2:17:13.
In the words of our friend, Jason Warrick, "What a great day to be me!!!"
I am still on cloud nine and it was a great way to end off the season.

Monday, August 06, 2007


This weekend was the Canadian championships being held in Drumondville Quebec. Lyndsey and Darryl were both representing No Limits. They did a very good job!!!

Nationals is always a great race as the best racers come to challenge others from all across the country.

Darryl had a solid race and was very happy to run sub 40 off the bike (38:26). This was fast enough for him to place 3rd in his age group and 23 overall. Time = 2:06.15

Lyndsey also had a very good race. Less than 5 min back of Darryl she came in at 2:11.01. This was fast enough to be the top age group female of the day! Wow, to be top lady at this race is an awesome achievement.

Both Darryl and Lyndsey will soon be heading to Germany to represent Canada at the World Champs in Sept. This is going to be a great race!!! Congrats to both.

Coral Springs Sprint (Tri-It)

This was a fun day. I was a volunteer along with many No limits athletes and friends of Tri-It. The day started for me at 5:00 helping set up the course. I was the swim captain. This was my 1st time doing this and I found it very rewarding. Today we had Tim, Alistair, Bruce and Lisa racing. This is a fun race as it is so short and Fast. Jordan pushed hard from start to finish and won the event. It was very cool to watch him roll across the finish line in support of the BlazeMan. That would have been a cool photo.

Tim had a very good race. He pushed the pace from start to finish and ended placing 6th overall and 2nd in his age group. Very Nice.

Alistair was back racing after Okotoks. This time the swim went well and he was able to have a strong run. Although he still felt the run was too long. Alistair that is what I think at all the races. :) He was 4th in his AG and 27 overall.

Lisa had a good race as well. I only saw her as she crossed the finish line and she looked as if she gave a very strong effort out there. He effort earned her 3rd place in her age group.

Bruce keeps increasing his race distances. This race was a full sprint. He also enjoyed the day with a 8th place in his age group. Nice job Bruce.

This was a very successful and fun race to be a part of. I encourage all of you to try to volunteer at least one event a year. It is very nice to help the organizers and see what happens behind the scenes. Good Job to trevor and Co. at putting on another good race!

Invermere Triathlon

Invermere tri took place on July 22. Darryl was gunning to repeat as overall champ. Shane and Sandy were also racing today. The race was full of fast competition and Darryl was up to the challenge. He had a great race but was a bit short. He came in 4th overall, 1st in Age group with a time of 2:11. Shane also had a good race finishing 1st in his age group and 14th overall in a time of 2:26. Sandy was pleased with her race. Swim felt strong and the bike and run were good. Sandy did not carry water with her during the run segment and the race ran out of water. This was not a good thing as the temp was nearing 30. Sandy's finish time was 3:01. All in all a good race and Sandy will be back at Chaparral.

Long Course World Champs!

Dawn took part in the Long Course World Champs back in July in France. This was her first go at the world championships and was very excited. The start of her race experience was a bit nerving as the airline misplaced both Dawn and Tim's bike. I was crossing my fingers back here in Calgary hoping that on race day they would both have their bikes. Well sure enough they did get their bikes in time. I am sure it was due to me crossing my toes as well. Race day came and the weather was perfect. Dawn enjoyed tremendously the course and racing experience and was impressed to be racing with such high level athletes. In the end she finished 18th in her age group with a very respectable time of 4:20. Congrats Dawn, a job well done. We will see her race again at the Apple in Kelowna.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sylvan Lake (Maureen)

Sylvan lake half ironman was on the weekend. Warm weather brought many happy faces I'm sure. Maureen was just returning from a IMC Training Camp in Penticton. So she was a bit tired but no worries as this was a training race for IMC in August.

Maureen took the swim quite conservatively. Minimal kicking and effort and was pleased with a 32 min swim. The bike started off tough but after a while her power came back and she was feeling very strong. With 10 km to go Maureen was a bit sad that the bike was coming to an end. This is a great feeling to have near the end of a half. I myself have never felt this. :)

Maureen was able to negative split the run. This is a very challenging course, and she was happy with her result. She came in 1st in her Age group.

Congrats Maureen. Next race is IronMan Canada!!!!!

Ready to Swim (Isabelle at the Peach)

Peach Classic Triathlon

Isabelle was the lone athlete representing No Limits at the Peach Classic Triathlon.

The day before the race, she drove the course and was not happy. It looked so difficult. To turn things around, Isabelle took pictures of the course and visualized at night confidently completing the race. Race day she was ready. Perfect weather conditions. Isabelle took the swim easy and minimally kicked. This felt fine and she was happy with the result. The bike went fabulous. No walking. Very happy!! The run is very challenging. Isabelle walked up and ran down the huge hill. Ran to the finish and very happy. This was the hardest race to date and Isabelle wants to come back to do it again next year as it was so much fun. Congrats Isabelle on conquering such a tough course.

One more race to go for Isabelle. Strathmore sprint. Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Start of Coral Springs Sprint

Swimmers getting ready to start!!!

Coral Springs (Tri-It sprint)

Shane (Volunteering)

Lyndsey (Volunteering)

Tim and Alistair (ready to race!)

Tri It sprint (Coral Springs)

Volunteers in Kayak watching the swimmers

Paul (volunteering) and Lisa (Racing)

Trevor doing his thing!


Okotoks is a short and fast paced sprint. I raced last year and came in 3rd. This year Darryl, Lyndsey, Alistair, and Sandy were giving it a try.

Darryl had a good swim and was just behind race leader Alex. Once on the bike Darryl took the lead and never looked back. He led the rest of the bike and run to finish in 1st and the only competitor to break 1 hour.

Lyndsey had a very good swim (4th OA) and as always very strong on the bike and a solid run. She was fortunate to finish to 1st woman OA and 8th OA. To quote the newspaper..."She left the crowd Gawking" at the difference between herself and 2nd. 8+ mins. Wow.

Alistair had a rough swim. Sometimes that happens in triathlons. He felt good on the bike and run though and was very pleased to finish 36 OA and 4th in his age group.

Sandy was happy to make it to the starting line as she has had some nagging injuries. Today she was racing and happy to finish. Sandy is setting her sights on Invermere as is Darryl and Shane. Good Luck this weekend!!!!

Congrats also out to Viv and Lisa who also were competing today. They finish 3 and 4th in their age group.. Nice job Ladies!!!!

Great White North

Great white had perfect racing conditions. I was very happy about this as Lethbridge and Arbour saw my share of rain. My goal was to make it to the starting line. After dropping my Mom off at the Airport I made my way to the lake. I felt that I had enough time to do everything that I needed. I always bring a checklist so that I do not miss anything. Once at T1 I saw that there was no space for my bike. It was jam packed. After some tricky moves I got my bike in. My plan was to swim fast enough to avoid the soon to be hectic T1. Sandy came and helped me put on my wetsuit. I was the last one in T1. The countdown clock was 5 mins. Lots of time. O canada started and I made my way to the start. I quickly went far left and found a good spot to start from. High Five Greg, a quick dunk underwater and off we went. The swim was good, my googles leaked but no big deal. The swim is always so short. I was quickly through T1 and onto my bike. I was happy with no rain. I had a lot of fun on the bike today. I felt strong and the best that I have in many years. Time = 2:29. I left T2 at the 3 hour mark. Right on target. The run was a bit of a struggle but overall I was very pleased with a 1:36 half. My endurance really showed near the last 5 km. I was very lucky to grab an IM spot and I will be racing IMC come August. This is my 10 year anniversary since doing the race so I am very happy to be trying it again.

Greg also had a good race. He has been very busy lately with baby Nate. Less hours training and even less hours sleeping. Welcome to the club Greg! He was happy to finish in just over 6 hours. Sylvan is next for Greg. good luck on Saturday.

Rose was also racing today, she was very much looking forward to a good training day for IMC. She was also very happy to get to the starting line and finishing the race was very emotional. Great job Rose!

Congrats also out to Don who completed his 1st ever half in a time of 6:54. That was a great training day for IMC as well for Don.

First Lap Done for Todd

Moving on to T1

Almost Done, the Pringles taste Great!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chinook Half Ironman

Saturday was the chinook half! The weather turned out to be OK for racing. The clouds were looming overhead but I think it never really rained. The winds were out for part of the ride making the course even more difficult. If you have never done this ride it is full of rollers!

Maureen was back racing today. She had a strong swim and bike. Basically she raced this part of the race with Gord. It was good to see him on the run again! Maureen took a while to get into her pace on the run but once she found it, it felt good. Good enough for 1st in her Age group and 2nd Female overall. Nice! 5:31

Corey was back racing and his body was mostly healed from his bike crash just before Wasa. This was his first half and he was keen to give it a good go. Unfortunately he had some cramping issues that did not let him get aero during his bike. And he loves to ride hard. The cramping also affected his run. He was very happy to have completed his 1st half but disappointed that he had cramping issues. His time was 5:42

Brian was also competing today. He had a bit of a rough swim but once he was on land he felt much better. he was very happy to have this race under his belt.

This always looks like a good race. I will have to try it one year.

Edmonton Triathlon

Edmonton Tri was held last Sunday. It was a perfect day. overcast, warm and little wind. Great day for fast times. This is a very tough course as the bike ride has many up and downs and to ride fast you can not really ease up on the downhills or you will lose too much time. Lyndsey and Darryl have been working very hard on their bike and it showed. they both came in 1st in their agegroup and 6th and 7th overall (respectively). Pete was also testing his fitness today. He was very happy with his time as his training has also been going very well. He finish in a very respectable 2:25. Isabelle was eager to race again and test her ankle. She sprained her ankle just before Wasa which forced her to stop after the bike leg. Today however she was able to complete the race. Yahoo. I know she was very happy to do this. Congrats to everyone at the race!
Isabelle ready to go!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Vancouver 2008

Congrats to Shane, Lyndsey and Darryl who all grabbed early spots to the 2008 world championships to be held in Vancouver!!

Nice work!

Good luck to Lyndsey, Pete, Darryl and Isabelle who are racing Edmonton this weekend. And to Maureen, Corey and Tim racing Chinook tomorrow!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Photos needed

Please send me your photos of the races. The blog is looking too texty. I like pictures!


Half Moon Lake results

Half Moon lake triathlon also took place on Sunday. Greg was the lone representation of No Limits. The weather was also tough for him as well. It poured on him during the swim and bike but stopped for his run. This was his 1st triathlon of the year and he was happy considering he has not done much since Nate was born on May 23. Great job Greg and I will see you at the Great White North in 2 weeks. It will be fun to race you again.

Arbour Lake Tri

Wow what a day for the race! 10 degrees and rain and more rain. When I left my house the sun was out and I thought OK, the rain is over and we should have a good day. As I headed down crowchild the rain started and never stopped. Once at the parking lot I unloaded my stuff and sat in the car for a couple of mins to decide what to do. Jill and Chris walked by and said the rain will not stop by sitting in the car. So I got out and closed the door. Hey, what was that beeping noise? Oh yeah the keys are in the ignition with my phone and th doors are all locked. Perfect! Walked to transition dropped my bike off at the racks and then picked up my race package and got numbered. Still deciding what to do. I stood in the rain looked at the lake and I was already cold. That was it, I was not going to race. Lethbridge was cold enough and I did not want to repeat that day. So I was done! Tim also made the same choice as me.

Rose, Viv and Lyndsey did the olympic relay. Rose had a good swim, Viv had a great ride considering the weather and Lyndsey drank too much coffee to keep warm to have a really good run. I kept her company and I enjoyed the run without the S and B.

Chris and Marnie both were signed up for the sprint event and they looked good doing it. They were smiling and having fun. I have yet to talk to them about how it all went for them.

Josh was part of another relay (oly). He did the swim and was surprised how long it was. He did really great for a guy who does not swim much. Maddie then took to the roads for the bike leg. She managed to get in 2 laps before succumbing to the cold conditions. Her cousin then started the 10 km run. I don't think today anyone cared that she did not do the full 4 laps. People kept coming into medical to be treated for the cold and one lady unfortunately broke her arm. Very tough day.

Maddie's uncle Don was also racing today. He was smart enough to sign up for the sprint event. He survived the race! That is a great accompishment today.

Next race is Edmonton tri and Chinook half next weekend! Good luck to everyone competing and please no one step on any spiders to keep the rain away. :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Wasa results

Last Sunday was also Wasa triathlon weekend. It was a cold lake and windy day on the bike.

I went swimming at Mara Lake on the same day and if the water was as cold as I was swimming in, Wow. Cold. I only lasted for ~20 strokes before looking for the dock. But as you know I do not like the cold.

The cold waters did not slow Maureen much. She pushed strong from start to finish and ended up winning her Age group. Her training lane mate Jackie also had a good race (considering the limited training). The 1 minute lost in her swim was most likely due to her vacation from the pool when BHC was down. :) Sorry Jackie, I just can't help myself :)

Corey was eager to have a good race here today. But he had a bike crash just a few days before as some deer jumped in front of him in the middle of his Hard interval training. He hit the ground at 40+ km/hr. Ouch! Corey great job at making it to the starting line and crossing the finish. I know that was very hard to do.

Sandy was also racing today. The cold weather really impacted her today. As we know Sandy really does not like the cold waters. Worse than me. She did not warm up during the event and was disappointed with her race. Next race Sandy!!!

Isabelle also had a tough time just making it to the starting line today. One week before the race while walking (no deer attacks!) she sprained her ankle. Ouch! With proper rest she was able to make it to the starting line and finished the swim and bike components. Her ankle was still too tender to run on so she called it quits after the bike. Smart decision. Over all she was very pleased with how she fared.

Great effort everyone at the race and please be careful out there!! Next race is Arbour Lake tri on Sunday. Come on out and cheer me and Tim on. I need all the help I can get. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Sunday was a very busy weekend for races!!!

Vancouver was testing its 2008 world championship course with a World cup and a race for the age groupers to grab an early ticket to the worlds. Shane, Lyndsey, Darryl and Elaine all took part in the race. The weather was not great with some rain on the course making for some slippery conditions. This plus a cold ocean made for a difficult day. Oh did I forget to mention that the course was a bit long. About 4 km or so long! Not what everyone expected.

With these challenging conditions we had some great racing! Lyndsey was testing her fitness with the 1st tri of the year. It is good. She came in 1st in her AG and 5th woman overall. Darryl was also racing in his 1st tri of the year. His fitness is good as he placed 3rd in his age group and 10th overall. This was Shane's 3rd race of the year and his best to date. He placed 5th in his AG and 37 overall. He was very happy to set PR's today.

Elaine was on track to a great result as well until a crash on her bike slowed her progress. Elaine crashed just after the bike turnaround and landed hard on her side. Her helmet is cracked in 2 and her shoulder is separated. After falling Elaine picked herself up and finished the bike and the 14 km run. Can you imagine running / biking with a separated shoulder??? Elaine finished the race very proud and happy to be able to be OK. Even with the crash, Elaine was able to come in 6th in her Age group. Wow. Please send positive thoughts to Elaine as she is healing over these next 2 weeks.

The results from today were amazing!!! You are all great athletes and I am very proud of what you all accomplished in Vancouver. Keep your focus on the next race, and be safe!!! If anyone has any pics from Van please email my way.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nice finishing Kick, eh?

How many more laps Pete?

Maddie all finished


Alistair on the run

Try this Triathlon

Last weekend was Try this Tri put on by Multisports Canada. Trevor always puts on a good race and he ordered much better weather than last year. It was a fantastic day to race and cheer.

Maddie was racing again. She was strong in all 3 areas. Swim bike and run. Unfortunately she thought the bike was only 3 laps and it was in fact 4. This forced a DQ after the race was done. This was really too bad! Next race is St Albert KOS for Maddie.

Bruce was back on the playing field and he looked like he was having a lot of fun. Much better weather than Lethbridge eh Bruce. He ended coming in 4th in his AG.

Pete was taking part in his 1st triathlon of the year. This is a great way to get your feet wet and dust off the bike. Pete came in 3rd in his AG and 8th overall.

Alistair was taking part in his 2nd ever triathlon. He looked strong on the bike and run. He came in 2nd in his AG and 20 overall.

Great job to everyone who raced today. It was fun to watch and cheer.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Maddie on the Run

Maddie on the bike

Volunteer Jill at KOS Calgary

Calgary Kids of Steel (Race Review by Maddie)

I would first off like to thank my friends and family for joining me on my first race of the season. I would especially like to thank my awesome coach Todd for believing in me and helping me be successful in all my triathlons and running races and much more to come. I couldn’t ask for a better coach he makes me strive for my goals and to push my limits.
Well what a surprising day. It started off as such a great running season with 3 wins under my belt. What happened today? My race today was very eventful. Right off the hop I just couldn’t feel my groove. The other girls all looked so focused with so much experience under their belts. It was kind of scary not know what to expect. The swim felt good I was really trying to pace myself and not freak out. The bike just didn’t feel right. I was really uncertain about the aero bars and the clips. I felt very timid. But I knew if I hauled I could catch them on the run. It wasn’t to be. But boy it was fun. I was very sad at the end because I know I had not left it out there on the course. But Rose Petal said “don’t you dare you cry you be proud and grateful to be here”. I am so blessed. One thing I did learn is to zip up my coat because today mine was like a Para shoot in the wind. Coming in sixth place today was quite a shocker, but I know that it can only make me stronger and ready for my next race this coming up weekend “Tri this Tri”! I know I’m going to do well because I know that I’m more mentally tough and physically tough. I am prepared. With training and racing more to come I will become more comfortable with my bike! MY bike is my friend!!!!Repeat!!
The highlight of the day. Was watching Jake rock in his first Tri

Monday, May 21, 2007

Greg running at 27 Km

Red Deer Marathon

Greg took part in the Red Deer marathon on Sunday. The weather turned out to be quite nice. 11 or so degrees and with a slight breeze to keep everyone cool. The mosquitos were out in full force. I was waiting at 27 km mark and almost was carried away by the bugs. This did not affect Greg though. He looked steady and strong and quite happy to be running.

He crossed the finish line in 4:29. This was 20 mins faster than last year. Great job Greg! We were very lucky to have the race in the morning as the rain poured down at 2:00. Just in time for me to start the back 9. Wet wet wet.

Good luck to Greg at a short sprint tri coming up and to Maddie taking part in the Calgary KOS on Sunday. No snow this weekend. OK!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's Day

A big congratulations go out to Maddie who won her AG at Mother's Day 5Km in a time of 21:17.

She was 51 overall and 13 female.

Fantastic job. Watch for her at the Calgary KOS coming in less than 2 weeks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lethbridge Tri

Last weekend was the Splash, dash and Gasp Triathlon held in Lethbridge. The day before was amazing. In the 20's, blue sky etc etc... Race day was another story. High of 6, rain and wind. This would have been a good day to sleep in.

The swim was fun. I kept getting lapped by the leaders again and again. This was no big deal as I knew most of them. Tim was kind enough to say sorry at one point. No worries!

My lack of swim training showed. Shane however had a great swim. A pr = low 23 min. He was followed by Tim and then Maureen. Once at T1, Shane and Tim were no where in sight. Maureen and I laughed about all the gear we were putting on. Booties, pants etc...I wanted to be warm today. We were both glad we took the extra time as my feet were numb after about 2/3 of the bike. At about the 2 or 3 km mark I saw Shane on the side of the road. I stopped and asked what happened. He blew a very big hole in his tire. His race was over. Sorry Shane.

I then set my sights on catching Tim. He was further up the road and I slowly caught him. He was trying his new tri-spoke wheels today. I wonder how they handled in the strong winds. After passing Tim my next focus was on where the turnaround was. It did not come fast enough. I was near the top 10 during the bike but I was struggling with the wind and rain. My speed never really came and all I could do for motivation was to sing my latest new mp3 songs in my head. It helped but I was sure glad to see T2.

At T2 I saw Katie and asked her how she was doing. She said that she was unable to undo her strap to her helmet as her fingers were frozen. I went over and undid it for her. I thought for sure she would let me beat her after a gesture like this. No such luck. Shane joined me on my run and it took about 2 km for my feet to thaw. It was nice to have a partner to run with. Near the bridge I picked up the pace a bit and Shane and I were separated. The run was hard and I was over dressed with my jacket and pants. At least I was not cold. I started to struggle near the 6 km mark and I focused on my rhythm and feeling good. I could feel a blister starting to form on my left heal. Just before the hill. What luck. This year I ran (or shuffled) all the way to the top. Everyone I coached, also did the same. That is not easy to do, so pat yourselves on the back for that effort.

I was very happy to finish and Johnny was there to give me a great big hug at the finish. Nice.

I was fortunate to come in 14th overall, 5th in AG. Tim came in 21 OA, 6 in AG.
Maureen won her AG and came in 22 OA.
Dawn came in 2nd in the same AG.
Marnie came in 3rd in her AG, 35 OA.

Richard was the only No Limits athlete running in the sprint. He was glad to have switched spots with Maureen as he has been working over in Russia. Richard finished the sprint in 1:40.

Bruce was taking part in his very 1st triathlon ever and he choose the super sprint event. He rocked it by winning his AG and 7 OA.

Congratulations to everyone who braved the cold and dared to tri. This will be a race that I will not forget for a while.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Race season is Here! Yey!

Darryl, Lynsdey, Shane and Jim

Banff-Calgary Relay

The Banff-calgary relay was held this past weekend. The times were Fast!

Darryl ran 10km in 36:40
Lyndsey ran 10km in 40:33
Pete ran 10 km in 41:15

Nice running!!!! Keep up your hard training!

Police Half

The Police half was held a couple a weeks ago. The weather looked like it could rain, so I wore my jacket. I like to be warm. As it turned out, sunday was a perfect day to run. Not too cold or windy. Just the way I like it. I was running with Corey with a goal of hitting 1:30. Corey was suffering from a sinus infection and he fell off the pace. I hung tough and finsihed in 1:31. I was very pleased with this time. Corey came in a dissappointing 1:37. Elaine was using this race to test her Ironman training fitness. Everything looks good with a 1:38. Elaine was also very happy with her result. Shane hopped into this race as Michele was unable to make it. He used this run as a nice chance to get his LSD run in early in the day. He cruised to a PR of 1:44. Nice!
Dawn running on tired legs from Boston enjoyed her run and also ran to a PR of 1:48. Wow. Isabelle was also in the mix and she was attempting her very 1st Half marathon. She crossed the line in 2:39. Great job Isabelle! I know you are very proud of your day.

Congrats to all the finsihers. And thanks to all the friends who were cheering along the course. It was great motivation to see so many friendly faces.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Evening with Dick Hoyt

An Evening with Dick Hoyt (April 27, 2007)

Here are some notes that I took during the talk….Enjoy! Please visit to correct any notes that I may have misquoted. It was a very cool and emotional evening for everyone in attendance.

Dick is now 66. He started running with Rick when he was 40 to raise money for someone who became disabled in an accident. The race organizers gave them the number 00. They came in 2nd to last. But not last. Dick pushed his son in a wheel chair for 5 miles.

They have never been last in a race.

Rick calls himself “Free Bird” when he is running with his Dad.

They wanted to run in Boston but no one wanted them there. In 1981, the Boston organizers said they could run if they lined up at the back behind everyone else. They did. Dick hit the wall at mile 22. They finished in a remarkable 3:18.

They still tried to run officially at Boston, and they said they needed to qualify at Ricks age of 22. Not his Dad’s age of 40+. The qualifying time for 22 was 2:50. They chose a qualifying race and ran it in 2:45.23 which officially qualified them. Their PB for a marathon is an astonishing 2:40.17.

In 1984 they were talked into trying a triathlon. Rick really wanted to try so they decided to try. Dick did not know how to swim at the time and had 9 months to go until the race. He bought a house on a lake to help him learn to swim. Each day he would swim and gradually get better. The modified equipment for Rick was finished on the day of the race. The distance swim= 1mile, Bike = 40 miles, Run = 10 miles. They finished next to last. But not last.

In the past they have completed in 20 triathlons a year.

Dick pulls his son in a 10 foot boat as he swims. Rick has a bean bag chair in the boat that keeps him upright. Dick laughs that Rick is probably snoozing in the boat as he swims. Rick would reply that how can he sleep with Dick kicking water all over his face. J

Once out the water he then carries his son through T1 to his modified bike that weighs in at 76 pounds.

When they decided to do Hawaii Ironman, they said Dick can do it but not Rick. They eventually got into the race and they organizers then said that by having the windshield on the front of the bike to protect Rick from bugs was an unfair advantage. Together Rick and Dick + the bike weigh in at 365 pounds.

Rick was the 1st disabled athlete to ever compete and finish an Ironman. And because of him there is now a disabled category.

Dick looks at racing like this: He is just loaning his arms and legs so that Rick can compete. Dick is the body and Rick is the heart of Team Hoyt.

When Rick runs he feels as if he is not handicapped!

The letters CAN are never followed by an ‘T in Team Hoyt.

When they attempted their 2nd Hawaii Ironman they encountered some technical difficulties on the bike which forced them to wait on the side of the road for over an hour before help arrived. They missed the bike cutoff by 90 mins. The organizers let them run due to the time lost on the road but said if they want to be official finishers they need to finish before midnight. This was considered to be a running miracle if this was to happen. They finished at 11:15. A miracle??

At 59 Dick explains that he had a body of a 22 year old, and it was all Ricks fault. Without the encouragement and desire of his son he would most likely be a couch potato.

Their 1st Ironman was Ironman Canada in Penticton in 1987.

They have completed in an amazing 945 events together!

Dick feels that he needs to be physically and mentally ready for each race.

Ricks most special race = Boston Dick’s most special race = Hawaii

It is estimated that Rick and Dick have traveled the distance around the world 3x.

When Rick was in Boston University they did 50 races a year.

The toughest event the have done = Ocean to Ocean bike across the U.S. This took 45 days. They finished on a Thursday and did a triathlon on the weekend.

Ultimate goal: Maybe to run/bike across the US stopping every 50 miles and talking to schools and towns as they go.

Rick has written an article that will appear in Men’s Health for the Fathers day edition. Dick does not know what he has written yet. I am sure it will be a great read!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Good Luck Greg!

Greg is competing in the St Albert 10 mile event tomorrow. Good Luck!


The Boston Marathon was on Monday. The weather was cold and rainy. Dawn and Jim finished in 3:59 and 3:01 respectively.

Dawn was very happy to have had completed her 1st Boston! Congrats.

Jim was also pleased with his 2nd consecutive Boston finish.

Oh, I just found Sue Petch's result. 3:40. Nice job Sue!

IronMan Arizona

Ironman Arizona has come and gone and Tammy has finished another Ironman. This was a very challenging day for her. She had to overcome many obstacles! Being tough as nails, Tammy soldiered on finishing the day in 15:55. I hope to have a shortened version of her race report for this blog soon. Reading her report demonstrates to me the true meaning of Ironman racing and how hard the race can be.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Marathon and IronMan

This weekend will be a busy weekend for many racers. 2 big events are taking place. IronMan Arizona and Boston Marathon. Good luck to Tammy and Geoff taking on IM. Lyndsey be sure to cheer loud for them!

Jim is running Boston, and Dawn will be running Boston for the 1st time on Monday!

I hope all the racers have perfect days and reach their goals.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Finer Details of Front Crawl

I will be running the Finer Details of Front crawl again in April. There will be 2 classes to choose from. Class #1 will be held out of Bankers Hall club and the date is April 15. The 2nd class will be held from the Tri-It store on April 22.

The format will be in 2 parts.

Part 1 = class room style presentation on technique (2 - 2.5 hours)
Part 2 = video taping (above and below water) in pool by Ken Olson (1 - 1.5 hours)

Cost = 150 (DVD) or 180 (DVD + slow motion analysis by Ken)

This is a great way for learning the correct front crawl technique and seeing what you are actually doing in the pool.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good Bye to Thursday night run

Last night was the last Thursday night run at Talisman Centre. This was a group that was coached by Gord and Ray for over 20 years. I was proud to be a part of this group for ~5 years. I have not run with them for almost 5 years now. A party was held at Sue's house and it was great to say thanks to both coaches and to reminese stories of old with Vince & Co.

To see so many athletes gather to say thanks and goodbye was awesome. They will be missed dearly and they leave big shoes to fill.

This was a special night for me as it reminded me how important a good group is and how great coaching and training partners can push people limits beyond what they think is capable. As I came to the track tonight after the workout was over I asked Shane how his run was, he said he felt like puking. I smiled and thought, "Oh yeah, I remember this class" :)

Thanks Ray and Gord for being there for all those years and putting up with all of us crazy runners / triathletes. And thanks to Vince (& other training partners) who pushed me beyond my limits each week. I will miss the class......

Saturday, March 24, 2007


The weather was perfect for the St Pats run last weekend. We had a few runner taking part. Maddie had a great day and was pleased with her 46:24. Corey 41:16 and Darryl 41:48 both pushed hard today and come up just short of their goals. They are both fired up to take on their next race. Tim knocked off 1 min from his time and came home in 45 min. Lyndsay also ran in this race but just used it as a run with friends day. It is great to see the races starting and Spring is soon to bring wamer weather so we can ride outside. :)

Congrats to everyone and I look forward to the next race: Ice breaker 10 km next weekend!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

St Pats this weekend!

Good luck to everyone racing St Pats this weekend. Saturday or Sunday.

The weather is predicted to be a high of ~+16. Great weather to run!

Run Strong.

Monday, March 12, 2007

34th at UBC

Congrats to Shane for coming in 34th at UBC this past weekend. This was his first race of the year and I am sure he will be happy coming in 2nd in his age group. Congrats Shane!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An evening with Rick and Dick Hoyt

This father and son team have competed in over 200 triathlons (including Ironman) and more than 60 marathons. They will be in Calgary on April 26. I am in the process of getting 2 tables for this event. Each table holds 10 people. I currently have 14. If you are interested in attending, please let me know. The cost is $130.
It will sure to be an amazing night!

Monday, March 05, 2007

UBC Triathlon this weekend

The 1st race of the year is this weekend for Shane. He will be heading to the west coast to take on the Olympic distance UBC event. Shane is looking forward to heading back as he is the cover boy on their 2007 race pamphlet. Best of luck Shane and remember to smile, you never know where your photo may turn up.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Welcome Jared

Jared Jackson Code was born on Feb 10, weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces and 21 inches long.

Congratulations to Corey and Family! Maybe we will see Jared buring up the courses in a few 13 or so years.

Monday, February 05, 2007


I am making updates to my website and I want to complete the testimonials section. I previously had ~8 or so but they have all been lost while creating the new site during the summer. If you have been coached by me at some point and would like to contribute, please email me.