Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wildflower Training Camp (April 27 - May 3)

The Camp is Full! Thanks for your interest!!!

Ironman Arizona this weekend!!!

Bernie Maillet is competing in Ironman Arizona this weekend. I hope that we will be able to follow his progress at

Good luck bernie!!! You are ready for a great day!

Maureen Saul is also competing this weekend. Let's send them both good vibes throughout the day!

Year End Party

The No Limits year end party was a big hit. This year we decided to play 3 different games to test everyone's triathlon knoweldge and balloon popping ability. There was even a surprise (barefoot run around the block) dash for cash.

Thanks for coming out and celebrating the amazing year we had in 2008. I am looking forward to some great results for the last part of 2008 and the new Tri 2009 season!!!

Train safe and have fun.

Last Chance Half

Another great day to run! Wow we have had a great fall for training and racing.

Leading the way for No limits today was Kyle setting a PR in the half with a very quick 1:27 (11th overall).
Elaine used this day as a training race for her upcoming marathon and ran a 1:41 (4th in Age group)
Vivian was very happy with her day finishing in 2:07.

Banff Winterstart

Conditions were great for the Banff Winterstart. For a November 1 date this is fantastic!

Madi ran well and placed 3rd in her age group and 26 overall in a time of 33:04
Elaine had a good day and also placed 3rd in her age group with a time of 36:39
Lynn showed that her IM training is going well and was very happy with 10th in Age group in a time of 42:15.
Rose was right behind lynn in a time of 44:12

Great running everyone! One of these times I will try the legendary winterstat race! :)

Halloween Howler Results

Halloween is alwasy a great time to exercise as we all know that the candies will last for about 3 - 4 weeks after. Much too long!

The Halloween 10 Km was held a while ago and here are some results:

Rob pushed himself hard and finished in 5th place with a time of 44.49
Aundrea is just getting back into training and pulled off a PB of 46 min.
John unfortunately slipped at the start hurting his knee but he still finished in 53 min.

I am really enjoying watching the Fall results roll in. This seems to be a busy fall.

Canmore 2009 Triathlon

If you would like to compete in the Canmore 2009 Triathlon, please follow the link below to register. This race did fill up last year.