Thursday, June 26, 2008

Congrats to Elaine!

Elaine had a great day at IronMan Coeur D'Alene. She finished in a time of 11:35, 12th in Age group. Fantastic!!!!

Waiting for a full race report.

Congrats Elaine!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Michele at the Chinook Half (finished 1st in Age group)

Sue grabbing some fuel at the Chinook half (1st in Age group, 8th overall)

Chinook race report by Phoenix

I finished in a time of 6:20 according to my watch; I’m still waiting for the officially time and split.
Right off the bat I have to say I am beyond pleased with how everything went. Even my transitions (which I practiced the day before went almost without a hitch :-p).
My initial plan was to play it safe and find myself a corner or something, but once the start sounded I found myself jammed into a crowd of swimmers, and I thought who cares, this is what IMC is going to feel like so this is better anyway!
I worked hard the entire swim to keep a good pace, kept looking for feet ahead that I might ride on for a while, that didn’t in the end work out for any length of time, but that strategy at least found me speeding up to catch people if only to pass them. Of course there were a couple of times where I had a guy swimming zig zag in front of me, but I felt good about my sighting, never strayed off course too much, and was elated to be on the beach after the second lap in under 40 minutes!
The T1 went very well, the wetsuit strippers were amazing, I got my shoes on while on the bike and didn’t fall off (as I did while practicing the day before J)
I worked hard on the bike, with my heart rate pretty consistently at 160. The course is hilly and it seemed to play to my strengths if I couldn’t catch the rider in front of me on the flats I was catching and passing them on the hills.
Right at the city limits my knee started to hurt (like debilitating hurt, searing pain through to my spine… kind of hurt) two of the riders I had passed previously were able to over take me during that last couple of kilometers as my cadence was definitely down. I believe this knee pain although the same knee is a result of my bike fit, as it has only started after the recent bike fit. I will be taking it back to get that fixed.
So here are my bike computer readings: this was completed reset once it was racked before race start.
Trip Dist 96.59
Trip Time 3:21:24
Avg Speed 28.77
Avg Cad 71
Max speed 66.45
Nutrition: I did my best to make sure my nutrition went as planned, which was one bottle per hour, my first two bottles had carbo pro, ultima, and two sodium tabs a piece, the third bottle was a Gatorade (got that mostly down) and within the last km of the bike I took in one hammer gel.
Run: With my knee hurting on the bike I was certain my day was over before the run started, but the plan was to go until it hurt and felt like I could do some damage. Through t2 the transition itself was quick, but I had to stop at the bathroom, ran through the timing mat to add that time to the run not the bike. Once I started running, or rather jogging I was surprised that my knee initially did not hurt at all, the pain from the bike was located higher than the pain I typically experience while running.
Running on the shale path, and sometimes where it permitted, the grass kept the knee pain manageable. Seeing you at about the 10 km point I wasn’t sure it was going to stay the same or get worse. But I did want to keep going as long as it was manageable, and it turned out…it stayed manageable till the very end. My hip didn’t hurt the entire time. I should mention I took 800mg of Advil just before swim start and 800mg again at the start of the run, I think this was a good strategy over all.
Nutrition on the run
I took in a gel ever half hour for the first hour, and Gatorade at least two gulps at each aid station, at the 1:30 hour mark give or take, I knew I was due for more; I was out of hammer gel and had been holding a honey stinger, provided by the aid station. I took one slug of that and just about lost my stomach contents. I forgot how much I hate the taste of honey. So I didn’t take more, but on the last aid station before the hill, I drank most of a cup of Gatorade between the out and back and the hill.
I don’t know my officially time for the run, but I do know that my heart rate on average was in the 150’s for the run…definitely kept it easy!
Overall a very good practice run for IMC, I am very pleased with everything, even my run impressed me given the circumstances. Thanks so much for your guidance; it was very nice to see you out on the course.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Luck Elaine!!

Good Luck to Elaine who races IronMan Couer D'Alene this Sunday. You can follow her race at last name lowry.

Go Elaine Go!!!!!

Wasa lake

Janette complete her very 1st triathlon at Wasa lake. She competed in the sprint event. After trying out her new wetsuit in freezing Auburn Bay a while ago she very pleased with the water temp at Wasa. She was well under her anticipated finish time and is looking forward to her next race in Kelowna (Apple). Congrats Janette on completing Race #1!! You will never forget it.

Lynn was also racing Wasa lake. Lynn thought the race was great, fabulous weather, good course and lots of racers. She finsihed just behind Mary (race report below). And looking at the splits it seems as if they were side by side for the swim (24) and bike (1:24).

Great racing and I am looking forwrad to the next weekend of racing: Chinook and IronMan Couer D'Alene.

Janette exiting Wasa Lake

Janette on bike at wasa

Janette running at Wasa

Wasa Race report by Mary

Race day was great and I loved the venue and course. You weren't kidding about it being fast and flat. My time was 2:43:29: Swim 24:55 Bike 1:24 Run 54:21. I was very happy overall. I started towards the front (behind the sub 20 min people) and off to the side but still managed to get pummeled at the start. No sharp blows but smacking arms and people attempting to swim over me for the first 150-200. I think next time I will stay farther to the side. After the first buoy I had some space and the swim felt good. I tried a different wetsuit this time (thanks Rose) and it was less restrictive in the shoulders and made for a much easier swim. I was a bit disoriented when I exited the water and took my time getting to transition. As for the bike- the magnet on my back tire somehow shifted from my walk to transition and exit from transition- my speed and distance weren't computing...nor was my HR. Luckily I had cadence and I just rode around 90 the entire time. I was passed by quite a few people during the first 5-10km but passed a few during the last 10k...that felt good. Transition #2 was easy and I started off feeling really good on the run. I was consciously trying to start slowly but felt great and seemed to be running quite comfortably...until I hit 6k. I wasn't in any pain but I really felt zapped. I walked through all the aid stations taking water and tried to keep my legs moving. 6-9k was just not pleasant. This was a bit disappointing as my running has felt great lately. I tried to remain positive and focus on my breathing / rhythm but I had lost a bit of motivation. Needed to be a little tougher mentally when the going got tough. Anyway- was happy when I crossed the finish line with a sub 3 hour time and will definitely return next year.
The bear photo was taken on the ride home. Nice!!!

Vancouver 2008 Age Group World Championships

Yesterday at the sprint race the weather was very poor in the morning. In the afternoon I made my way to the beach and baked myself. I did not think the sun would change that much. Ooops! Next time remember the sunscreen. J

When I woke up today for the Olympic distance race I looked outside and did not see any rain. Just sun, so I figured that I did not need to bring as many clothes as yesterday. This was a mistake. The rain was gone, but it was replaced but a very cold wind. Once again my hands and fingers were cold from the cycle down to the race start. Today’s racers were Lyndsey, Dawn and Shane. I made my way down to the transition but was unable to find anyone. I then made my way to the swim start where I scanned the beach looking for Lyndsey and Dawn. I found Lyndsey just as she was about to head to the start. Good luck and she was off. I could tell that the racers were cold by looking at their faces. The idea of jumping back into the water after a cold warmup seemed like a daunting task, but they were all up for the challenge. I was glad to be a spectator today.

Lyndsey was off and Dawn was next. I could tell she was very happy to be racing and also cold from the weather and the ocean. I chatted briefly with her and Jill. Jill was also happy to be at the starting line. After they started I made my way back to the exit to watch Lyndsey exit. I noted on my back that the water was getting rougher and the swim looked very tough. The strong swimmers had quite a gap on the swimmers who were not ready for the cold or waves. Lyndsey finished well but a little further back than we had hoped. She came out the ocean with a smile grateful to be done and ready to bike. I stayed and watched Dawn and Jill exit and both were happy to get that swim finished.

Now onto the bike. The good news about today was that there was no rain. Very good, I did not have to worry about crashes on the wet corners. The wind was strong where I was standing but I was hoping that the riders were sheltered by the tall trees of Beautiful Stanley Park. Everyone looked strong on the bike and I was enjoying watching the amazing athletes fly by. Soon I had to make my way back to the swim start to watch Shane go. As I made my way back all of these people were heading my way. I asked Jason Kincaid what was going on and he said the swim is cancelled/delayed due to the ocean as he pointed at the rough water. Wow this really changed things including my strategy to watch the race. To keep this short….Basically they changed the Olympic Age group men’s race to a duathlon 3 Km run / 40 Km bike / 10 Km run. Shane adapted well to the change and continued to get ready for his event. His ability to take this change and run with it was very positive, even though he had just lost his strength (the swim).

In the end Lyndsey finished 3rd in her age group. A bronze medal at the worlds is Fantastic! Dawn finished 50th in her age group and Shane finished 78th. Overall I was very proud of everyone for getting to the starting line and crossing the finish on very tough racing conditions. Next year the worlds are in Australia and the Aussies were promising the weather will not be the same as Vancouver :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Triathlon in Canmore

Check out this great new race in Canmore being put on by Calgary's Tony Smith. I raced an Xterra race at a similar location years ago and had a blast. This is sure to be a hit. Here is the link to the race.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Vancouver sprint World Champs

Vancouver 2008 World Champs

Well the race is over and the skies have cleared. It was a very exciting weekend of racing. Friday morning was the sprint event. I was very fortunate to have the use of Leslie’s (Michele’s sister) bike. As I rode down to the race site my hands / fingers were very cold and it was raining. This was a sign of things to come. Note to myself: Next time bring gloves. J

I went to Transition looking for Tim and Pete. Did not find Tim but I did see Pete. After a quick chat and a photo he was back in the zone preparing for his race. Thanks to Pete I bought an umbrella yesterday for the race (just in case).

As I biked back to the swim start I saw Ross and Mike from Calgary and they were getting excited about their race. The ocean looked cold from the faces of the racers exiting the warmup area. I found Tim in the crowd and wished him luck. Pete was also there and he was totally in race mode. To see his race face, check out the photo of him on the run. Now that is focus on determination.

The swim went well, everyone got out of the ocean and now they were on the swim. I was worried about them as the course was very fast and rain continued to fall. Everyone looked strong and fast. I was happy to see them all get safely off their bikes. There were quite a few crashes as racers were dismounting their bikes. Very slippery!

Once on the run I cheered for all while huddled under my umbrella. The rain and the conditions did not deter the athletes much. After all this is the worlds!

At the end of the race we saw Pete finish 12th (3rd Canadian) and Tim 17th (5th Canadian). Good job guys. Another good result was put in by Mike (Lyndsey and Darryl’s Training partner who finished 8th and 1st Canadian.

You all did an amazing job in such extreme conditions!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The start of the world championships (Vancouver)

Pete exiting the ocean

Pete on bike

Pete at T2

Pete on run

Pete on Run (he is happy, really)

Tim's wave heading into the ocean

Tim exiting the ocean

Tim on bike

Tim on the run

Tim on run

Lyndsey at start

Lyndsey finished (3rd in Age group)

Jill and Dawn getting ready

Dawn exiting the ocean (Brrr)

Dawn at T1

Dawn and Tim (all done)


Shane bike

Shane running

Shane Finished

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

World Champs this weekend!!!!

Good Luck to all those competing at the World Championships this weekend in Vancouver. No Limits will be represented by Shane, Pete, Lyndsey, Dawn and Tim. Go Team Go!!!!

This photo was taken down in Fish Creek during a last tuneup workout before Worlds with Shane, Lyndsey and Pete.

Oliver Half Race Report by Tim

Race Day

Heavy rain. Temperature about 8 degrees. Already soaked in transition before the start. Covered my race bag with my bike rainwear as I’d rather have dry gear than a dry body. No room to lay out my transition gear as I am accustomed. Need to work on transitioning from a bag.

I felt quite calm before the swim; I left my training group and stood alone. HR was quite normal – no HR monitor. Need to get HR monitor mended. Seeded myself in the middle of the pack – one rank behind the front starters. Very heavy traffic for two-thirds of the first leg. I had to stop twice due to heavy kicking. Found clear water and was able to get into a rhythm, then caught up with more traffic !! Kept a good straight line to the first buoy. By the first buoy I was beginning to overtake swimmers, cut past the buoy on the inside and took direct line to the second buoy, traffic was thinner and I was able to work on glide and my weak left-arm catch & pull. Moving through slower 2nd wave swimmers and the occasional 1st. wave.

I walked through the first turnaround, there was still some traffic on the second loop, but I got into the swing and was passing swimmers quite easily. Second loop went past very quickly.

Walked up the ramp and into transition to avoid stressing my calf.

Race gear was soaked. Forgot to put on GPS – as it was deep inside my bag – probably a good thing as it’s not waterproof.

Went out slowly, hydrated with water only and settled in – quite comfortable with being passed !! Very soon after I started I fell down a major pothole, and the magnet flew off my front wheel – so I had no readings on my computer – probably a combination of both the wet and the lost magnet. Anyway, I did the race not knowing elapsed time, distance or cadence – so just raced by perceived effort – important to train on PE as well as HR and wattage. After about 15 minutes I picked up the pace and began to pass other cyclists. I spent the entire three hours on the ‘bars with the exception of some of the turns and the hill, so was comfortable with the new bike setup.

I was relying on CarboPro for food – using one bottle for concentrate and replenishing water at each aid station. Tri-It had to return their liquid Carbo-Pro as it was “stale-dated” and didn’t get replacement – and I couldn’t find any in Penticton, so made do with Hammer Gel – which I diluted because it was so viscous. But I didn’t dilute it enough so it was very hard to get it to flow from the water bottle. Ensure I get ample supply of Carbo-Pro before IMC. I think that nutrition went well enough as I consumed the planned amount – I just wasn’t sure of timing and amounts.

From perceived effort, I think I was strong for the first 70/80 km and even had I been tracking power, I would have ridden with the same effort. However, lack of race-conditioning showed in the last 20 km or so, as I felt tired and began to get passed by others. Work on strength and endurance … surprise !!

Back in T2, the rain had stopped but everything was totally soaked. Must ensure I have a good supply of plastic bags just in case. Changed into compression socks and my normal running shoes (not the Newtons which emphasize forefoot running and consequently emphasize the push-off, which is the muscle I’ve damaged). I ran about 300 meters out of transition, but I could feel my calf pulling – so stopped and DNF’d on the spot.


Work on Bike endurance and bike/run brick.

Work on running endurance.

Work with perceived effort to ensure I can continue to race when technology fails.

Ensure practice for transition out of a bag – with waterproofing as necessary.

Get HR monitor fixed.

Get adequate supply of Carbo-Pro.

Oliver Half Race Report by Isabelle

“The day started out with a bit of a disappointment as it was pouring rain on the way from Penticton to Oliver...but as soon as I got to Oliver and saw all the athletes walking in the rain, I could feel the excitement coming back and figured I’d been training hard enough and long enough for this so this was not a day to just roll over and sleep in!!! So I went to set up my transition area in the rain...with a smile!
Swim start – my heart was racing....but as soon as I heard the familiar sound I went and I was on fire! I was so excited for some reason! I couldn’t stop singing in the water. I felt smooth and relaxed and everything was going fine! On the way back after about 1.5km, I started wondering if they’d let me do a few more swim loops and cut down the run...he he...I finished in 39 minutes and was proud of myself! The stripping of the wetsuit was so much fun (I have to admit I couldn’t wait to try it...ha ha).
I went to transition and all my stuff was soaked. I was having a hard time leaving the comfort of the transition area but then a guy next to me told me it was probably time to I went...ha ha...and was on fire again! I was riding, passing people, eating my salted potatoes, cheerios, pretzels, fig newtons....and thinking :”This is awesome, I get to eat all the food I’ve been avoiding for the last months!!” But at 63km, I started feeling tired....I was going super slow and couldn’t speed up my legs for some I popped a few potatoes in my mouth and this girl passed me and said: “Go 661!!!!” and I went again....I finished the 93km ride in 3:39 which is awesome for me! I was surprised and happy!!!!!!! The second transition was SO slow...cause you know how I love running...ha ha...believe it or not, I was in transition for a little over 7 minutes!!!!! But then I heard Tom say” Go Isabelle, you’re almost done!”....and the first pro woman was crossing the finish line at the same time so I thought I should hurry up if I didn’t want to finish my run I went....The run was two loops and I did not have the stiff legs I was expecting to have. I felt good and decided to do 10-1...and it worked! I ran steady and walked fast when walking for the 1 minutes...and was looking at the beautiful scenery! When I got to the turn around point I was surprised at the pace I was keeping and pretty happy with myself! My left foot was hurting as I had tied my shoe too tight but I was scared to stop...and then at the 18km mark I realized I was going to finish this thing and unless I wanted a grim on my face at the finish line, I better fix my shoe so I bent down and almost got stuck I thought! This really is something! This guy passed by me and encouraged me so I went....all proud of myself!!! As I got to the turn around point I saw that many of the athletes which I thought were in front of me were actually behind me by one loop and started encouraging people and feeling so proud...I can’t describe it! I could see the arch and people were clapping and I just wanted to dance!!! I did it Todd! Thanks to you, thanks to Tom’s patience and thanks to my body!!!!!!!! I LOVED it! And now the ironman dream is so much closer......I am addicted!!!! You are the best coach!!!!
When I crossed the finish line, the commentator said:” Here we have a very happy athlete....”....ha ha...and it made me laugh!!!!
My final time: 7:11:17 – no world record but certainly a personal record!!! And really, if I keep that pace and go a little faster in transition, maybe I could qualify for Hawaii...ha ha!!!!! I just want to kiss every ironman’s feet now that I understand half of what they feel on D-day!!! So to anyone who is thinking of doing a half or a full: GO FOR IT!!! There is no feeling like this one!!!! “

Isabelle (Oliver) Swim

Isabelle on the bike at Oliver Half

Isabelle and Tom (Oliver half completed!)

Isabelle at the finish

Monday, June 02, 2008

Photos and Race reports

With all the races coming in fast and furious, please send me pictures of the race so I can add them to the blog. If you would like to write a short race report I am sure that everyone would enjoy reading it. Please send to me. Thanks and happy racing.

Oliver Half

Oliver was also on this past weekend. No report in yet. Also waiting on photos! J I hear the weather was not good at all. Cold and wet!
Tim had a good swim and bike but stopped due to a sore calf. Jackie completed her 1st ever half in a time of 6:02. Isabelle also completed her 1st half in a time of 7:11. Nice work everyone in tough conditions!

Jackie on the run course at Oliver

Try this triathlon

Try this triathlon was also taking place at the same time as KOS. John had a great start to his season with a 10 overall! Bill from BH was not too far behind finishing just 2:20 back. Frank was also doing his 1st ever race. He completed the swim and bike and was thrilled to take part in the event. Great job guys!

Calgary Kids of Steel (KOS)

The Calgary Kids of Steel triathlon was held on the weekend. It was a beautiful day to race and all the kids had a great time. Below are some great shots of the athletes.

Jake in T1

George with Number

Johnny at T1

Jake on the bike

Johnny on the bike

George on the bike