Thursday, April 24, 2008

2008 Boston Marathan Race Report by Sue

As the saying goes: I'll be back!" Can you believe I was less than one second off per mile! Manana! Another reason to try again. It was a great race and I just felt terrific throughout. I had no idea how I was doing along the way other than from my HR which I kept steady around 146-7. I kept thinking not to blow it by going out too hard before "the hills". If you read the reports from Lance Armstrong you know the crowds were huge lining the small roads so I figure I did pretty well squeezing my way forward as the race progressed. It is very unlike NYNY that way: you can not run your own race as you are always thinking about your next move up the road around people or under their elbows. As I went in at 13190 and came out at 7045( or near that) that was quite a few people to move past politely. The aid stations came up so quickly as you could never see then until you were on them due to the crowds pushing into the roadway. I never miss a drink station so that meant quick veering to grab a cup to drink or dunk on my head. It got very hot as the day went on - but fine for me. Others got very burnt - like Karen. the noise grew and grew along the way and I don't know if it peaked passing the Wellesley screaming women or towards the end along Commonwealth where the crowds got thicker and thicker. I know I really had little time along the way to think about my cues that you had written me. There is nothing boring about running Boston. It really does just envelope you and carry you for a ride. It was a blast. I do recommend you try it. Thanks Coach.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Boston Marathon

Sue ran a 3:31 at Boston!!! Fantastic job Sue.

Spring Trio Results

The spring Trio dad 3 events 5, 10, and 15 Km run events. In the 10 Km we saw Sue getting ready for Boston with a last pacing day where she ran 44:40 1st in Age group and 5th woman overall.. Louise was also racing and she had an improved run time of 43:50 good enough for 1st in Age group and 3rd woman overall. John was back in the game taking part in the 10 km and ran a 56:06. Janette was very happy with her day and she continues to improve with each 10 KM. This time she broke 1 hour and crossed in 59:02.

In the 15Km we had Lisa and Kevin running. Kevin was not feeling well so he back off the pace and used the race as a training day. He finished in 1:13. That is a very good time for taking it easy. Lisa felt strong from start to finish and beat her target time and finished in 1:17 to be 2nd in her Age group and 5th woman overall.

Great runs for all on such a beautiful April Sunday!!

Mount Royal Sprint

The MRC sprint tri was held last weekend and we had Maddie and Pete racing. Both had good days. Maddie showed that her swim has improved much this year being 6th overall and with a steady bike and strong run she place 15, and 2nd female overall. Pete also showed that his fitness is strong with a steady swim and very strong bike (3rd overall). He stopped after the bike as he is letting his calf heal. Good results!!

Ironman Arizona - Darryl on bike!

Darryl strong on the Hot run in Arizona IM

IronMan Arizona

On the weekend Darryl took part in his 3rd IronMan event. The weather was hot and windy. Not Calgary hot, but Arizona hot. For a race in April the temperature was in the 30’s. The swim went well 1:03. Once on the bike Darryl stuck to his race plan. His nutrition and pacing worked great bringing him back to T2 with a time of 5:27. Once on the run is where the heat really became a factor. Aiming to hold his race pace, Darryl pushed as hard as he could and finished with a 3:52 marathon for a total of 10:29. I watched him finish on the web and he had absolutely nothing left as he sprinted across the finish line and fell in the arms of the catchers. Very inspiring.

Lyndsey was also using this race as a training day and she exited the lake just ahead of Darryl in 1:02. She did half of the bike and then called it a day. What a great way to get a long swim and bike in.

Ski to Sea - Jackie and team Finished!

Ski to Sea - Jackie

Ski to Sea

On April 6 Jackie took part in the very challenging Ski to Sea race in Kelowna. This is quite a challenging race that consists of 6 legs that adds up to 95 Km. The order of completion are: alpine skiing, nordic skiing, mountain biking, road cycling, running, and canoeing/kayaking. The race is a relay and all team members are required to help bring the canoe equipment across the finish line. Wow, sound like a fun day! Congrats of being part of such a great event.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ice Breaker 10 Km


Good Luck to Darryl and Mike who will be taking on Ironman Arizona this weekend. You can follow their race online at


IceBreaker 10Km

Icebreaker 10 Km took place last Sunday on a beautiful day for a run. We were very lucky not to have the snow that I see today as I type this. Wow, Calgary weather never ceases to amaze me.

The big story of the day was Maddie. She was running in he 1st 10 Km of the year. Before the run I asked her what she wanted to run. She told me 41-42min. Her last year's time was 46. I said Ok and we we off. Strong pace from the start and she seemed to be in good form. At the 1 km mark we were 3:46. Very quick. We hung on to a solid pace up until the 5 Km mark where we ran into Lyndsey. She was having a good day while feeling the hard workouts from the week in her legs. Together all 3 of us ran to the finish in a PR for Maddie of 41:36. Yes she was happy!!!

Just ahead of us Corey finished in 40:59 who was also happy with his run. He passed up going up the hill and then we lost sight of him. Good job Corey.

Unknowingly we were helping pace Tim as well. He could see us in the distance for most of the race and he finished in 42:56. A good time considering he has been sick all week.

Mariano and Rose also got some Wildflower training in as well and ran the 10 Km in 53:35. We need more of these 10 Km races so Mariano can have more runs.... :)

After the race the brunch was amazing! Very delicious food Mmmm! Definitely mark this race on your calender for next year.

Next races: Spring trio 10, 15 km and MRC sprint triathlon on the weekend!! Good Luck!