Thursday, August 30, 2007

Congrats Maureen! IronMan #2 complete

Maureen and Richard the day after. Looking very relaxed and comfortable.
Congrats on completing your 2nd IronMan. This year Maureen had a PR with a time of 12:18.
A flat tire and being crashed into would not stop her from reaching the finish line.
Way to Go!!!!!!

Good Luck

Good Luck in Germany this weekend!!!!
Kick Butt Lyndsey.

Good Luck

Good Luck to Darryl this Sunday in Germany!

World Championships this Sunday!!!!!!

This weekend is the triathlon world championships being held in Hamburg, Germany.

Lyndsey and Darryl are both set to rock! This will be a great day. Think positive thoughts to help them push their limits!!!

Go, Go, Go!!!!

Mint Flavored Aero Bar at Special Needs

Here I am eating my aero bar at the run specail needs. I was very tired and this was awesome. Is there a better bar for a triathlete than an Aero Bar! No, I didn't think so.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bike to run Sticks (the night before)

Where's waldo?

You will be able to spot me on the course as I will be riding a black and white Cerevlo + aero helmet. Easy to spot. No one else will have that right?? :)

Empty Transition Racks

The Calm before the storm!

Me, Paul, Laura, Logan, Mark & Tammy @ IMC

Greg and Nate at IMC

New Hardware


The 25th anniversary of IronMan Canada is over. I was very lucky to be a participant during this special event. The last time I completed this race was 10 years ago, so I was due. I qualified for IMC at GWN this year. I had a good race and I felt that if I increased my volume for my weekly LSD ride and run that I could have a good day at IMC. Chaparral Olympic race was my fitness test. Good swim, great bike and a run plagued by blisters set me up for 4th overall. I was very pleased with my fitness. But now I had to deal with blisters on my right heal with one week to go until IMC. Race week I did zero training and arrived in Penticton on Thursday AM. Each day my heal was getting better and better. My big dilemma was to wear the shoes that I wore during chaparral that gave me blisters or the brand new shoes that I bought on Wednesday that I never tried before. I eventually chose to wear my old shoes with band aids and new socks.
I had so much fun the days leading up to the race. Visiting with athletes that I have not seen in some time and wishing everyone good luck. This was definitely a highlight of the trip for me.
Briefly. My race goals were this: swim 1 hour. Bike 5:30 and run 3:30. Total time = 10 hours. I did not include transition times as I thought they would just work themselves out somehow.
Swim start: Maureen, Steph and myself all lined up together on the right side in hopes to swim together. This was short lived as I lost sight of Maureen in 10 secs. Oh, well. I usually swim solo anyhow. Swim time 1:02. Close to the target.
Bike: 1st part up to Richter's pass was fast and I averaged 40km/hr. Time at the 1st 40km marker was 56-57min. Fast. Last time racing here so many passed me going up the big hill. This year no one did. Nice. I stopped after the top at an aid station to P and coming out I was rewarded with a wasp sting on my left bicep. Ouch. This affected my performance and I slowed my pace. The winds also were very strong and making headway was hard work. The rollers took even more energy from me and I was very happy to get my special needs bag. I witnessed a crash as I drove through. It did not sound pretty! I eventually got some energy back for Yellow lake and then the fun downhills were challenging with the strong winds. The last stretch into town was hard as once again we were directly into a headwind. One rider said, now all we have is a short run and we are done. At this point I had no idea of how I would be able to run. I was so tired. Bike time = 5:35. Very close to the target. I was pleased.
Run: In the change tent I made sure my band aids were in place and the shoes felt good before I started. Please let the blistered areas be fine! As I started running I felt WOW this is good. My pace is quick and I have energy from somewhere. Nice. Everyone I saw I passed. No one passed me for the longest time. I felt strong and I was maintaining my pace. My leg felt a bit off but I ignored it and kept running as the feeling would always leave. The turnaround took forever to arrive. I was getting very low on energy and I needed my special needs bag. Once I got there I took my time eating my snacks and mentally getting ready to run again. My time at the half was 1:44. Slightly faster than my target of 1:45. I was not complaining. Shortly after the turnaround my knee started to really hurt and it forced me to stop running. I would try to pick it up again but the pain was too much. I was forced to walk ~80-85% of the 2nd half marathon. The positive thing about this was that I could take my time and look for everyone on the other side of the road and cheer them on. The most difficult was walking down main street with the thick crowds and again down the last mile by the beach and through the finish shoot. With everyone trying to encourage me to run I just could not. My knee was so sore all I could do was walk. I was very emotional as I approached the finish line. A mixture of sadness and joy for returning to such a great event. I hope to qualify again next season and give this race another go. 10 years between races is too long. Thanks for everyone that cheered for me on the course and who were following along via the net. All of that helped me get across that magic line! Finish time = 11:44
Maureen had some bad luck. First a flat at Richter's Pass and then being rear ended by another cyclist at T2. She had a good swim, just in front of me. I actually saw her stand up and take off her wetsuit. That was cool knowing we both had the swims that we wanted. Time = 1:02 Bike time= 6:28 and run = 4:38 for a total of 12:18 (PR).
Greg was back for his 2nd attempt at IMC. This year his training had to be modified to adjust for his new son Nate. Greg swam 1:30 biked 6:58 and ran 5:24 for a total of 14:06.
Rose also had a great race, setting a new PR. Don and Bryan also both completed the IronMan for their 1st time. Will they be back? Only time will tell. It takes some of us 10 years to come back. :)
Great Job to all who took part in this event. A special thanks for all the great cheering out there on the course. Seeing friendly faces really does give me that extra boost. So always yell as loud as you can. Until next year!

Kelowna Race Report (SHANE)

I had a great race yesterday in Kelowna. It was the best race to date. I guess all of that struggling all year has paid off and I am still getting better. Now onto the race, I swam pretty average but still came in at a decent time. Swim:22:20 and transition was not bad except that I could not get my wetsuit off, that was a little frustrating. And then on the bike it was lots of fun. It took me until about the 5K mark to find my legs and get going. In addition there is one major hill at about the 3K mark (approx. 600m long and fairly steep). I just took the hill steady everytime I went up it and tried not to toast my legs off on it. I also had a lot of fun with 2 guys on the bike course, every lap they seemed to catch me going up the hill and then I would catch them going down or on the flats. It was a lot of fun and I had a great time. Bike Time: 1:09:08. And then came the run. I also had a good time on the run, it hurt but I felt good doing it. My legs on the run did not feel like they recovered until about the 2K mark and then I was in business. From this point on I started picking people off on the race course. On the second lap my legs started to really hurt from approximately the 5.5K mark to the 7K mark but I pushed through it and talked my way through it. Then at about 7.5K (my watch beeped - reason was that my watch was full on memory and I had remembered that just before the race that it was going to do that at the 2 hrs and 7 minute mark), don't ask me why but then I realized that if I can run 4 minutes kilometers for the last 2.5K, I will set a huge personal best. So I then had it in my head that I had 10 minutes of pain left and left everything out on the course. And yes I think I can back in around ten minutes of less. What a great feeling. I set a personal best on the run at 42:29. And to my surprise I came in at a personal best time of 2:17:13.
In the words of our friend, Jason Warrick, "What a great day to be me!!!"
I am still on cloud nine and it was a great way to end off the season.

Monday, August 06, 2007


This weekend was the Canadian championships being held in Drumondville Quebec. Lyndsey and Darryl were both representing No Limits. They did a very good job!!!

Nationals is always a great race as the best racers come to challenge others from all across the country.

Darryl had a solid race and was very happy to run sub 40 off the bike (38:26). This was fast enough for him to place 3rd in his age group and 23 overall. Time = 2:06.15

Lyndsey also had a very good race. Less than 5 min back of Darryl she came in at 2:11.01. This was fast enough to be the top age group female of the day! Wow, to be top lady at this race is an awesome achievement.

Both Darryl and Lyndsey will soon be heading to Germany to represent Canada at the World Champs in Sept. This is going to be a great race!!! Congrats to both.

Coral Springs Sprint (Tri-It)

This was a fun day. I was a volunteer along with many No limits athletes and friends of Tri-It. The day started for me at 5:00 helping set up the course. I was the swim captain. This was my 1st time doing this and I found it very rewarding. Today we had Tim, Alistair, Bruce and Lisa racing. This is a fun race as it is so short and Fast. Jordan pushed hard from start to finish and won the event. It was very cool to watch him roll across the finish line in support of the BlazeMan. That would have been a cool photo.

Tim had a very good race. He pushed the pace from start to finish and ended placing 6th overall and 2nd in his age group. Very Nice.

Alistair was back racing after Okotoks. This time the swim went well and he was able to have a strong run. Although he still felt the run was too long. Alistair that is what I think at all the races. :) He was 4th in his AG and 27 overall.

Lisa had a good race as well. I only saw her as she crossed the finish line and she looked as if she gave a very strong effort out there. He effort earned her 3rd place in her age group.

Bruce keeps increasing his race distances. This race was a full sprint. He also enjoyed the day with a 8th place in his age group. Nice job Bruce.

This was a very successful and fun race to be a part of. I encourage all of you to try to volunteer at least one event a year. It is very nice to help the organizers and see what happens behind the scenes. Good Job to trevor and Co. at putting on another good race!

Invermere Triathlon

Invermere tri took place on July 22. Darryl was gunning to repeat as overall champ. Shane and Sandy were also racing today. The race was full of fast competition and Darryl was up to the challenge. He had a great race but was a bit short. He came in 4th overall, 1st in Age group with a time of 2:11. Shane also had a good race finishing 1st in his age group and 14th overall in a time of 2:26. Sandy was pleased with her race. Swim felt strong and the bike and run were good. Sandy did not carry water with her during the run segment and the race ran out of water. This was not a good thing as the temp was nearing 30. Sandy's finish time was 3:01. All in all a good race and Sandy will be back at Chaparral.

Long Course World Champs!

Dawn took part in the Long Course World Champs back in July in France. This was her first go at the world championships and was very excited. The start of her race experience was a bit nerving as the airline misplaced both Dawn and Tim's bike. I was crossing my fingers back here in Calgary hoping that on race day they would both have their bikes. Well sure enough they did get their bikes in time. I am sure it was due to me crossing my toes as well. Race day came and the weather was perfect. Dawn enjoyed tremendously the course and racing experience and was impressed to be racing with such high level athletes. In the end she finished 18th in her age group with a very respectable time of 4:20. Congrats Dawn, a job well done. We will see her race again at the Apple in Kelowna.