Monday, September 01, 2008

Kevin's IronMan race report

Here is a quick summary of my day

Swim - Not too fast, not too slow. Followed lots of feet and bubbles. Didn't ever feel like I pushed the pace but I was worried about the length of the day. Next time I will probably push it harder.

Bike - tried to take it easy on the out bound leg like we planned but got so pissed at all the drafting and pack riding that I turned it up after OK falls. After a few choice words to a pack of 15 riders and a bit of threshold riding I cooled my jets and rode smart from Osoyoos on. Flatted the front tire on the out and back portion and thought the day was done but there was hardly any glue holding the thing on and it was a quick tire change. Thoughts of a rolled tire and skin grafts galore plagued my enjoyment of the ride down yellow lake (but I still cooked it down). The tail wind into town was a blessing and the crowds were great.

Run - This is where the plan came undone. My tummy decided it was time for a break. Not nauseous and no loose poops but lots of cramps. The false flat and head winds heading out of town didn't help my enthusiasm but I just kept plunking away. Wound up walking every feed station and visiting most of the port-a-potties out and back BUT I ran/shuffled most of the time b/w aid stations. Towards the end my feet started to hurt but by then we were back in town and the people on the road were an appreciated distraction. In the end I got to run across the line with Adrian, see Lisa, Cathy, Jay, Viv and her crew and was happy to have finished it.

It was a fun day and a steep learning curve.

Kevin's new paintjob for IMC

Check out this new Kevelo P4. One of the fastest bikes on the planet! If you need a new paintjob, I think Kevin may be your man!!! Sponsors stay away as he is already part of the highly sought after Team KLA.

Sue happy to be at IronMan Canada

Sue's "A" race was supposed to be IM Arizona in a few months. But she grabbed a spot at GWN and here she is. How did she do? Well for a rookie not bad. 2nd in Age group plus grabbing a Hawaii spot.
I guess we will have to wait to do Arizona!! :)

Sue has the 2nd last bike rack - Easy to find!!!

Bikes at IronMan Canada

MMMmmmmm what is that???

Ready for the worst

Dave and Todd - ready to go!

Dave was well trained and so excited to start. It was pleasure for me to walk with him through his swim exit!

Finish Line visualization - 9:59

The day before the start I took this picture and I stopped for a moment and thought how would I feel running down this road and seeing 9:5x on the clock?? Awesome!

Day before the race

Bike to Run Bags

Chalk Messages

Todd Happy to race (Richters Pass)

Todd on the Run at IronMan Canada

Todd breaking 10 hours WOW!!

IM Canada - What a bunch of Rookies!!!!

Now that a week has passed I have found time to write some notes about IronMan Canada. This year No Limits had 9 athletes competing. 7 of the 9 were 1st timers (rookies) at the Ironman distance. Anything could happen!!! This was my 3rd IMC and Dave's 2nd. Dave was on a mission to qualify. I am going to keep this insert short as I will write a longer report later. So for those of you who just want the goods, here it is:

I had an amazing day finishing in 9:57 (Hawaii spot)
Lyndsey had an amazing day finishing in 10:17 (Hawaii spot and new course record for age)
Dave had a great day 10:34 (Hawaii spot)
Kevin smoked the bike (freshly painted ride) and had a good day 11:41
Michele very happy with her solid 12:52
Sue finished 2nd in age group (Hawaii spot) 13:02
Phoenix was happy with her 13:17 and is already thinking of how to go faster
Tim's 6 year dream came true as he became an Ironman at 15:15
John proved that indeed he would be an Ironman as he struggled with stomach issues on the bike and run to finish in a nailbitter time of 16:45.

With such great success from a bunch of rookies it is hard to imagine what they will do on their next attempt!!!

Great work by everyone who became an Ironman that day. Setting a goal to compete in an Ironman event is huge and can be life changing. The things we learn in training and racing are too countless to write down but all make us better people and grateful that we are able to do this crazy sport.

I want to say thank you for all the people who have helped me get to IronMan Canada. Tim for use of the wheels, Maureen and Richard for the great accommodations, Rob for helping me ride at silly times of day, Rose for tracking down shoes for me in the last 2 weeks, to Chris and Alison for taking my bike out to BC and all of my athletes who wished me well. The month before the race I was lucky to talk to many of you (and even some people I had seen in years) and all of your dreams motivated me to follow mine which was to finish in 9:59. Thanks again and I am once again reminded why I decided on "No Limits" as a name.