Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Apple Race Report by Isabelle

“So my last race for the 2008 season is done...and I feel empty...what a fun season! My first half, cutting down 18 minutes off last year at the Peach Classic! Wow! I had great expectations for the Apple – my time goal has been staring at me from my fridge magnet since Todd’s Christmas party! But on Wednesday night, I twisted my ankle walking to my car...badly....it was very swollen and I could hardly walk on it on Thursday....I couldn’t go see a physio as we were driving out to Kelowna on Thursday after work...oh well, it’s life, it’s not like I am trying to qualify for the National team....just wanted to meet my time goal!Race morning – I actually woke up at a decent hour as my start time was 9am...a little too late for my liking hopefully this changes next year! I got to the race site and organized my transition thinking fast fast fast...This was a no wetsuit race as the water was too warm which I absolutely don’t mind as I swim faster without a wetsuit J I then went straight to physio and had her tape my ankle to make sure it didn’t fall off during the race (ha ha)...she did and I put electrical tape over the taping job just to make sure it stayed on in the water...good thing I had an engineer friend on the site who happens to carry electrical tape in her bag...ha ha...thanks Janette! Her start was after mine so we unfortunately couldn’t race together which was unfortunate!
Race start, I felt like I was electrified (must have been the tape) – I had a great swim, felt strong and long, my pull was good or so it felt like it was and I got out of the water with a great time. My transition was fast and I was on my bike...I was going up the hill thinking man I forgot how steep this was and I heard Rose in front of me yelling “Kill me!” which made me laugh – such a Rose comment...so I forgot about the hill for a while. The first bike loop was hard, my legs were stiff with the hill being so close to the end of the swim...but it went ok. Second loop, I felt stronger, my legs were back but my foot started to hurt...I felt like it was all cramped up and tearing into little pieces...and that’s how it felt for the remainder of the bike...ouch! I couldn’t wait for it to end...I didn’t do too bad on the bike but without my ankle I definitely would’ve done a great job I think. And then the run. First steps were ok, I was super positive, another fast transition and I was holding my pace bracelet for my run...ready to meet my time goal...I was still ok for time although my bike was a little slower than I was hoping...then the pain started – oh god!! I walked 75% of the first 5km. I tried to take more motrin but I could still feel my foot tearing apart..augh, so frustrating when all my training was going so well! I stopped and loosened up the taping job by removing a piece that was too tight as my whole foot was swelling up! It felt a tiny bit better.
When I came to the turn around point, I was thinking of stopping right there but then this person comes up to me asking me if I was Isabelle....well it was Elaine, she told me she read my race report from Oliver and she gave me the nicest smile and encouraging words ever so I kept on going!! THANKS ELAINE!!!! I then saw my mom who ran next to me for a little while until she was told she wasn’t aloud to coach me...my mom is not a runner so that was amazing too !! To have her all the way from Venezuela encouraging me was the best feeling ever! She was so excited and happy! I finished the race!!! 13 minutes longer than my race goal but there are three positive outcomes to this race:
1) Without my ankle I believe I would’ve been very close to my goal,
2) I finished 36/45 therefore not last
So Todd thanks again, and I promise I’ll meet the goal next year!! It was an amazing season and I can’t wait to be inspired by all the ironmen and ironwomen in a week!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!! And Todd, stay away from the bees this year!”

Monday, August 11, 2008

Strathmore womens only sprint

As I was riding with the Sunday group to Bragg Creek during the last class to get a treat (coffee and donut) I started to wonder how the race was going in Strathmore.

The weather in Calgary was breezy and cool. No rain though. This should be good for racing.

Madi had a very strong week of training and she topped it off by taking the overall win at Strathmore! Nice work Madi!!!

Mary was also racing and she was strong from start to finish. She had the 3rd fastest swim, 11 on the bike and 23 on the run (new PR) and finished 9th overall! Top 10 in always nice!

Madi and Mary well done! The Apple and Chaparral are next!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Canmore Triathlon

Canmore Triathlon was held last weekend and for a 1st time event the feedback was very positive. We had a few athletes testing out the course.

Louise decided to try the Olympic distance. She had a great day and ended placing 1st in her age group and 9th female overall.

Elaine choose to do the sprint. Even with Sylvan lake still in her legs she had a very good day finishing 1st in her age group and 3rd female overall.

Lisa also did the sprint and finished 10th female. Nice racing ladies!!!

Here is a tip for everyone: Once you pass someone on the bike make sure that you are well in front of the bike before moving to the right side of the road. Lisa had her front tire clipped in the race and was fortunate not to have crashed. Ride Safe!

Salmon Arm Tri

Salmon Arm race was also last weekend. This race is an Olympic distance race but in the order: Swim / Run / Bike. Dave and Ian were both racing and placed 5th and 8th overall. Good job guys!!!

If you are looking for a different race, I hear this is a great one!